Stephen Laine: Nationality, Age, Net Worth, Wiki

A Devil’s Handshake for Stephen Laine: Minting the Kobe brand even after the death

Deciphering Stephen Laine?

At the age of 71 years old, Stephen Laine has garnered the interest of online folks worldwide, after the deaths of his son-in-law Kobe Bryant and Stephen’s granddaughter Gianna, who was born to his daughter Vanessa Laine Bryant through Kobe! The online media has been taken by a storm over the legal battles between Stephen Laine, and his step-daughter Vanessa Laine Bryant, following the deaths of her husband Kobe and her daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash! Until the age of 71, Stephen Laine wasn’t much of a celebrity since he had led a normal mundane life, working as an Inventory Manager for a food company.

Stephen is now retired from his job at this food company, following which, his family faced some dire situations with the lack of financial support from the only earning member of the family, Stephen Laine!

Stephen’s Early life and Childhood

Not much information is publicly made available by Stephen Laine about his parents’ details such as the names and occupations of his mother and father, their origins, or home cities or states! Most of all, we know that Stephen Laine was born in 1949, to his parents who were employed as workers in a local factory. Neither any information about any of his siblings or kin is available.

From his background and a few tidbits he has revealed so far, we know that Stephen Laine had a very tough childhood, where his parents worked hard to raise their children. They did face severe financial issues back in the day. To sustain his family, Stephen used to take up odd jobs along with his parents until he reached adulthood. 

The Personal Life of Stephen and Kids

In due course of his life, Stephen Laine joined a company as their middle manager, where his future would-be wife, Sofia was already employed 8 years his senior, in her employed position in that company. In 1990 after some time had passed, Stephen and Sofia entered matrimony, with Sofia bringing her children from a previous marriage when moving in with Stephen. Sofie and Vanessa were her children from a previous marriage, both step-daughters to Stephen during this transition.

This wasn’t a bone of contention for Stephen with any of her children, especially Vanessa whom he cared for, like his very own blood-and-bone daughter! Vanessa was 18 years old, while her younger sister, Sofie was only 8 years old when their mother Sofia and Stephen got married in 1990. The loving family moved into a house in Garden Grove in California. Vanessa gained admission to her step-father’s school, Marina High School.

Coincidentally, Vanessa attended school along with Stephen’s nieces Laila and Sasha in the same school! During the school times, according to reports as stated by Laila and Sasha, Vanessa and Sofie were raised under the highly controlled and strict vigilance of Stephen and Sofia. Breaking free from this “sheltered home culture”, Vanessa got introduced to Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was then playing for his school team, working his way upwards to join as an NBA player. He eventually joined the NBA. Stephen Laine had some reservations about his daughter hooking up with Kobe Bryant during their school years since she was yet underaged at 17 years old. This got him a bit opinionated with some reservations against his daughter Vanessa dating NBA player, Kobe Bryant. Nonetheless, his fatherly love for his daughter Vanessa won them his approval for marriage held in April 2002, which Stephen duly attended, in Dana Point in California! 

Personal financial Crunch

Stephen Laine, having been born and raised in an ordinary household with a family focused more on humble living than a spendthrift, extravagant lifestyle, faced a severe financial setback due to their highly free-spending spirits! By its 18th birthday of Vanessa, the Laine family had been under heavy financial burdens. Just after Vanessa turned 18, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine got engaged immediately!

Stephen’s wife, Sofia had sustained a severe back injury, because of which, she found it difficult to acquire a job best suited to her severe condition. Furthermore, Sofia had resigned from her job about 2 years prior to Vanessa getting engaged as soon as she turned 18 years old! Shortly after Vanessa and Kobe had publicly revealed they were getting engaged to each other, Stephen and Sofia filed for bankruptcy. 

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Kobe’s Role in Financially Supporting Laine Family

With Vanessa making headlines from Day One of announcing her getting engaged to Kobe Bryant, her personal worth grew manifold in a matter of days! Gradually, she started earning more through public appearances and invitations, and other similar spotlight events, owing to her acquiring instant fame under the shadow of Kobe Bryant! Sofia, her mother provided several proofs of requiring financial support from Vanessa, given her and her husband, Stephen’s financial condition! Kobe to some extent provided for the Laine family, as against Vanessa who strongly opposed supporting her parents by providing any sort of financial help on a monthly basis! 

Harsh Reality of Divorce!

Kobe Bryant’s legal problems pending investigation of alleged rape charges on Kobe, took the NBA and the media by storm! Vanessa along with her parents was at the receiving end of this turmoil from all sides! The publicity of this lawsuit got the better of Stephen and Sofia Laine, who parted ways after being together for 13 years of marriage! Shortly, Kobe and Vanessa too filed for divorce in 2011, following the rape charge litigation. 

Stephen Laine’s Pecuniary Resources

At the age of 71, Stephen Laine got married again and has a 6-year-old daughter with his new partner. The Laine family’s legal litigations haven’t been fruitful in the essence as aimed for by Stephen as well as Vanessa and her mother Sofia. However, Stephen Laine is currently valued to be worth anywhere from $500,000 to over $200 million by financial experts tracking his current standing!

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