Easy Rituals To Help You Attract a New Life Partner

Easy Rituals To Help You Attract a New Life Partner

Looking for a new relationship does not have to be a stressful process. It is supposed to be fun! Never mind blind dates from the internet or your sister, cousin, mother, or matchmaking efforts, etc. In the spirit of fun and spiritual growth, here are some of the ideas and ritual hacks that will help you to fill your life with love and fetch you a loving new life partner:

Feng Shui

This thousand-year-old science from Asia teaches you how to arrange objects and furniture in your home so that things in your life run smoothly. One love trick is to buy objects in pairs. Having symmetrical items on your desk, mantle, or dining table can draw in the energy of “couples” to your life. So, when shopping for your household, get two instead of getting one candle holder, bud vase, or swan ornament. Make sure your home is tidy as you do not want to bring clutter into your love life!


This is similar to using the Feng Shui tip above. If you keep pictures up on your walls, change existing ones to photos or paintings of love: two children hugging, dogs playing, a happy couple in love.

Create love journal

Get a lovely journal where you can paste pictures of love. You could also use a sketchbook from an art store. Make sure that it can hold a lot of images and has a sturdy cover. Inside your journal, place photos of couples doing whatever you think you would be doing in your ideal relationship playing sports, having a romantic dinner, talking on the phone, playing with children. To give you an example, put in the picture of a man and woman talking over the telephone because communication is important. The only caveat is making sure that you have a well-rounded journal because you will get what you ask for and not always in the way that you expect! Also, put in your favourite quotes. Choose whatever reminds you of true love; it might be the words to your favourite song or poem, a saying from your favourite movie or words from a book.

Another thing that can enhance your love journal is to write love letters to your future mate. You might talk about your dreams and goals or say a special prayer that this person is safe and well. Put anything in your journal that reminds you of a loving, successful relationship.


Some people find burning candles creates a feeling of serenity and spiritual blessing. It is beneficial when doing this ritual to say or write a prayer for love when you light the candle. You could also put a picture of a loving relationship near the candle when you burn it. See yourself in place of the person in the picture. Remember to be safe and monitor the candle when it is burning!


This ritual can be combined with anything else listed here to increase loving energy around you and your home. Only think about what you want to happen (do not think about an old relationship or why you can’t have what you want as this pushes you away from love). If you are not a “visual” person, just pretend you hear words of love spoken to you or that you are hugging or being kissed by a loving mate. Use whatever feelings, images, or sounds that can make the idea of having a mate real for you. Every person has a different sense than they use to process information and to remember things. Don’t worry if you can’t see as well as someone else. Be as detailed as possible. If you can make it feel real somehow, then the relationship is likely to manifest sooner. The universe and your subconscious mind respond to your feelings, and if you have high, intense feelings around having a loving mate, you will find more opportunities coming to you.

Do things that make you feel loved

Do little daily rituals to remind yourself how lovable and s*xy you are. Treat yourself to a nice bath, make yourself an excellent romantic supper for one or buy yourself a new outfit that makes you feel attractive. When you know how to appreciate yourself, someone else will too!

Keep red roses

There is a reason that people give red roses for love. Buy red or dark pink roses from flower delivery in Chandigarh when you want to recognise the energy of love and bring more romance into your life. If you don’t want to buy roses, try getting rose water spray or choose another flower that reminds you of romance.

Binge romantic movies, read books

This is best done in conjunction with the other rituals as you want to make yourself feel receptive to love rather than remind yourself of being single!

The best thing to do is enjoy yourself. When you are vibrant, alive, and feeling good, you’re showing your best self, and new people will be drawn to your energy.