Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab |How To Submit DNA Test Quote

sorenson forensics best forensic lab

The term forensic lab is very much familiar if you have been watching or heard of the crime shows on TV, newspapers or ever read crime scene novels. It plays a pivot role in the certainty to identify the criminals. Prior to 1986, fingerprints were used a tool to identify the criminal after which the advanced DNA Analysis first came into existence in 1986 in forensic science in the United Kingdom to convict the individual for two rape-murder cases.

The United States residents are very impressed by the precision and accuracy of the laboratory. Their results end up solving the problems having a high complexity as well. The brief and relevant information is mentioned here in the article about Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab.

What is Forensic Lab?

The increase in the criminal activities has increased the scope of study in the field of Forensics exponentially. Forensic science is the application of science to civil laws and criminal acts. It requires high level of technique to develop the evidences in correlation to the criminal investigations.

The combination of Forensic science with DNA testing involves high level technique with great care and attention along with documentation under the expertise of forensic scientists that provide the high quality performance for assured quality of DNA tests required for conviction.

About Sorenson Forensic DNA Lab

Sorenson Forensic Lab is an accredited lab by the ANSI National Accreditation Board offering controlled services on-site and Investigation of the crime scene with the advanced tools and processes to achieve the accurate analysis’

It provides investigation facilities such as firearm ballistics, DNA and forensic biology, questioned document verification, CSI, fingerprints, etc. It is a very reputed laboratory offering a wide range of services through its advanced forensic lab. It has major expertise in DNA analysis providing high quality test results.

Why Sorenson Forensics Best Forensic Lab?

  • The laboratory incorporates strict protocols to ensure the justice to the victim.
  • The lab and the forensic test outcomes play a significant role to conduct many investigations involving s*xual assaults, murders and other vigorous criminal activities.
  • Accuracy in the test results and speedy solvency rate helps to identify the criminal.
  • The relevant evidences obtained from the crime scene analyzed by the lab are taken into account by the court.
  • The specialization in DNA testing by the Sorenson Forensic Laboratory involves semen identification, blood and saliva.
  • Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity test involves conduct of DNA analysis to identify the biological parent of the individual.

Sorenson Forensic Consulting

The Sorenson Forensic Lab provides consulting services to help identify the criminal for conviction.

  • Trial and Investigation – The laboratory conducts the investigation for the cases of varying severity from assaults to accident, property damage, robbery, etc. DNA analysis clears almost 1/3rd of the initial suspects that saves the money of the taxpayers’ and valuable time of the court as well.
  • Cold Case Consultation – The advanced technology of DNA analysis was not into existence in the US before 1986. Taking it into consideration, the courts are allowing the reopening of cases if the recent DNA analysis would help to rectify the wrong conviction of the individual.
  • Human Identification – Prior to DNA analysis, the use of fingerprints was considered relevant for identification in conflict to which the change in fingerprint was observed with the age, injury or occupation factor. DNA is the scientific forensic method that would remain the same lifelong providing very high relevancy.

How to submit a DNA testing quote?

  1. To submit the DNA test quote select the ‘ SUBMIT A CASE ‘ option on the official webpage of Sorenson Forensics :
  2. The page appears where the user can obtain the quote for DNA testing for crime scene investigations.
  3. Fill data for the username and select the ‘ Case Type ‘ which maybe Private Matter, Public Defender/Defense, Law Enforcement/Prosecution, Post-Conviction/Innocence Project, or Civil Litigation.
  4. Fill in the details for the communication address with zip code, contact number, and email-id.
  5. Input the details about the charges/allegations to be investigated on the individual.
  6. Select the number of evidence samples and reference samples to be tested along with expected turnaround time and the deadline or the date of trial to be conducted.
  7. Provide brief information about the Case Scenario and upload the supporting documents.
  8. Submit the quote request after completion of the above steps.

Final Verdict

The Sorenson Forensic lab conducts provides intense throughput DNA analysis with the expertise in the technique to conduct the investigation procuring the relevant information of the crime scene. The Sorenson Forensic DNA analysis is meant to be one of the best laboratory test results in the United States.