5 Reasons Why Lavender Essential Oil Is Good For Dogs

5 Reasons Why Lavender Essential Oil Is Good For Dogs

Essential oils are very much in talks for their versatile properties. It is a natural means to heal and prevent skin and hair-related issues, along with relieving stress and anxiety. Dogs need care and love to keep them happy and healthy. The lavender essential oil can be used for dogs with care and supervision. 

You can get the best products from online pet stores for your furry friend. However, the question remains, is lavender essential oil safe for dogs as a natural healer? Various stores offer lavender essential oil for your dogs as a natural alternative to synthetic medications.

5 Reasons To Choose Lavender Essential Oil For Your Dog

Natural oils are good healers without any side effects. They are considered effective by pet keepers for their pets. You should go for essential oil with lavender because of these five reasons.

Keeps Bugs Away

Most of the time, dogs face a lot of trouble because of bugs on their body. Lavender is an excellent deterrent for skin bugs like ticks and fleas. You can mix everything well and add a spray bottle to apply on the affected area. Focus on the area behind the ears and belly, and avoid the eyes and nose.

Scratchy Skin

You might see your dog rolling around in the entire house. They scratch those itchy areas of the body by rubbing on the surface. It can cause rashes and red skin because of allergies or infections on the skin. You can apply lavender oil to soothe the skin.

However, if you are doubtful about “is lavender essential oil safe for dogs for regular use,” ” try using a small amount of oil and check the reaction on the body. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties give instant relief to the skin most of the time. Apply medically approved products from specialized stores like CBD oils, Soothe and Nourish creams for paws and elbows. It can give relief from itchy skin and irritation.


It may sound weird, but dogs, too, face anxiety and fear. The fragrance of lavender can help calm down the mind and relieve anxiety. It is good while your pet is traveling or you have changed its home. Many pets are sensitive to sound, separation, and light in certain colors.

Motion Sickness

It is not only humans that face motion Sickness; pets suffer too while traveling. It can result in nausea or fast breathing. To calm down and help with these conditions, you can spray diluted oil on a dog’s fur or blanket.

For Refreshing Feeling

Pets like to keep themselves as clean and fresh as humans do. Mix the lavender essential oil into the shower gel or in the water. Allow the lather to form in the water, and bathe your dog in the refreshing fragrance of lavender.


Dogs are man’s best friend, they say. In many ways, it is true. However, you can also be your pet’s best buddy by helping your buddy stay happy and healthy. Lavender essential oil is good for the overall well-being of dogs. You can use them for eye, skin, fur, and other health conditions.

But, before using it, make sure your pet is acting positively to it when applied. If anything is wrong with your pet, consult a doctor and immediately stop the use.