Some of The Most Effective Home Remedies For Dogs with Specific Issues

Some of The Most Effective Home Remedies For Dogs with Specific Issues

Being a caretaker of any type of canine companion takes some responsibility. Taking them to the vet for regular check-ups is one thing, but frequently visiting them for any small problem can not only end up costing you a lot of money but will also make the dogs depend on this kind of treatment, not to mention too much medication for anything small will ruin their internal systems through the variation of chemicals and toxins in certain types of pet medications. 

Dogs can be unpredictable in some cases, and sometimes they can be boisterous and either eat anything laying on the floor that resembles food, or get injured while playing outside and it may be too late to figure out what’s wrong with them until you see the symptoms of a swollen face or vomit on the kitchen floor.

Some varieties of human food are never a good thing for them, and as much as we can try and take precautions, they could have gotten their paws on some of it and paid the penalty with an upset stomach. Sometimes they get scared or anxious with external things like a lightning storm or a new home, especially if they are a rescue pup. 

There are a variety of things that can happen at any time of the day or night, and being prepared is a good way of ensuring they are safe from harm and comfortable in times of need. The key here is to act fast and find something to relieve them from their discomfort. This would especially help if you have no option of taking to the vet or the situation can be easily managed by a home remedy.

Below we have chosen a few recommended home remedies that you can use to help your dog in times of minor trouble or until you get that appointment at the vet.

For Minor Sores or Cuts

To date, many of us have been holistically using essential oils to help soother our worries away and bring some sense of comfort to our senses. But did you know certain types can also be used on your canines? Essential oils, as explained in this article, are pure compounds extracted from plants and used in various aromatic treatments.

It has powerful healing properties, pain-relieving abilities and is an antimicrobial for you and your pooch. Antimicrobial simply means it can kiss various microorganisms such as fungus and bacteria and even halt their growth. Using lavender essential oils on your pooch’s skin, diluted with water or a base oil like olive oil or jojoba, can bring healing properties to it, and help to cease any infections. 

It is gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin and must be used with a cotton bud or your finger if it is clean. First, make sure the wound is cleaned, and you can use witch hazel for this. You can also use a mild soap and warm water if you don’t have any witch hazel. A drop or two is enough and gently spread it over the cut or sore. Once done you should cover it with a band to keep him from licking it.

For an Upset Gut

Dogs can sometimes easily get their paws on some chocolate cake or sugary treats, that are not meant for them. Other times if you give them too much food or too many dog treats. it can cause an upset stomach. One of the things you can find in your home to help treat this is to find something with aspirin in it and an example would be Pepto Bismol.  However, this cannot be given to cats. 

Depending on whether it is a tablet or a liquid, the dosage will matter. Think of them as children so for a 40-pound child or 18kg body weight, and follow the guidelines on the label accordingly. This can be given to them once every 6 hours. Probiotics are also good for them so things like kefir or yoghurt can also be given to them during meal times.

If your canine is vomiting due to an upset stomach or reaction, you should not give them water to drink, because you need to allow their digestive system to settle down. If, however, this persists then you should take them to the vet for further analysis. Sometimes it can be a case of a food allergy, in which case you should try an exclusion diet or place them on a hypoallergic diet for dogs:

For Ticks and Fleas

Another very common occurrence in any pet is the harboring of fleas and ticks on their bodies. These parasites can be a pesky thing to get rid of in some cases, and using harsh treatments can get rid of them, but can also do more harm than good to the dog. When treating them at home, you can use something less harsh such as garlic and Brewer’s yeast mixed into their mealtimes.

You can also look for some rose geranium oil and place a few drops onto their collars, behind each ear, at the base of their tails, and onto their shoulders and this will help get safely rid of these parasites. This can be done once every 4 to 5 days. The bonus of using this is that it is also known to boost their mood as well as help them with any symptoms of fatigue. 

Remember to not only treat your pet but also the immediate environment including the interiors of your car as well.

For Fear of Lightning Storms

Did you know dogs build up static electricity during times of storms and lightning? So, when they get scared it may not necessarily be because of the flashes of light but more about what’s going on in their coats. This can often cause them to panic, stress out and get anxious. 

The recommended solution for this is to help find something to calm them down, such as those products offered on the holistapet pet website. These products contain a very effective, safe and healthy alternative to medication, called CBD 9cannbinoids which are pure plant extracts of hemp. This is the best thing to give them either directly underneath their tongues, or on top is fine too, and drops of the oil can also be placed in their food and drinking water.

Another solution is to rub a fragrant free dryer sheet onto their skin or coats in the event a thunderstorm is approaching. As another alternative, you can also give them some Rescue Remedy, but sure it is in small doses. 

We hope these suggestions above can help you, to help them, as best as possible and bring them some comfort in the safest way.

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