Pokémon Go Raids July 2022 Schedule

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This content provides information about the Pokémon GO Raids! The game is popular all over the globe and the players are always in the excitement to play the game. So, if you are a Pokémon player then let’s get you aware of July Pokémon Go Raids 2022.

What is Pokémon Go?

pokemon go raids july 2022

You may be aware of the stories of the people searching for Pokémon on the streets, in the public gardens, in the offices, in medical institutions, and even in the washrooms! A girl in Missouri even discovered a dead body in the search of Pokémon! The globally acclaimed gaming brand Nintendo came up with this game after the huge success of Pokémon in 1990. However, this time around their game Pokémon Go is free for download on mobile phones on Android as well as iOS.

The Pokémon Go game uses the GPS of the player’s smartphone to detect the location of the user and get the Pokémon to appear near to the user so that he can catch them. As you wander around, the various types of Pokémon will be seen according to the time and place you are at! The concept of Augmented Reality was brought with the intent to involve the real world with the virtual one.

The Pokémon are not real but it is the developed technology that simulates a world that develops a feel that the Pokémon are real. The Pokémon go developers came up with the mindset to make the players come out in search of the Pokémon and explore new places to catch their favorite Pokémon! In Pokémon Go, there is a resemblance with the original Pokémon game with the feature to catch Pokémon. There are the trainers, and gym leaders, who can conduct the Pokémon fights in the arena. There is a professor as well who will help you to start the game by gifting your first Pokémon.

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The game has evolved with time and made certain changes. One of them is the need for the player to move around physically rather than to fetch the Pokémon with a controller in the original game. Moreover, the game makes you availed with the real-world atmosphere. For instance, if you wander at the park, you will see grass-type Pokémon, if you are near a water body, you will be able to catch a water Pokémon, if you are in search at night, then you will see a ghost or nocturnal Pokémon.

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Pokémon Go Raid Hour 

The game is coming up with new thrilling battle events. The comeback of Groudon & Kyogre is one of the major events on the list. They are having resemblance in power to Mewtwo. The updated lineup has created excitement in the game. The introduction of many legendary Pokémons in the battle with Snorlax, Dragonite, Wimpod, and Slaking has been rather interesting. The raid hour pokemon go will be conducted on Wednesday every week in the time frame of 6-7 pm.

Pokémon Go Raids

The 5-star and the major raids will be followed by a definite schedule, while the one-star and the three-star raids will be changed as per convenience. The raids will have a change in the special event only. The Pokémon Go Raids July 2022 has come up with exciting features and raids!

Pokémon New Season

pokemon go raids july 2022

The Pokémon go lovers are very happy to hear the news of the upcoming new season. In the Pokémon raids, the trainers will be able to have a fight and catch veteran Pokémon like Groudon & Kyogre. They are mostly available in the 5-star raids only. In the mega raid event, just one Mega evolved Pokémon will be upheld. With the upcoming new season, there will be the association of GO TCG.

The news of Pokémon GO Fest to be held in Berlin is also on the cards. The expansion of the game also involves the introduction of the theme cards of the Pokémon Go game. The upcoming Pokémon Go Raids July 2022 includes exciting features with the all-time favorite Pikachu being seen with a new hat, Mewtwo having a shadow ball, and the debut of Wimpod as well.

Pokémon Go Raids Go Fest in Berlin

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The happening event of Pokémon Go Fest is all set to take place from 1st July to 3rd July in Britzer, Garter, in Berlin. The new season includes the feature of the Shaymin & Shiny Pokémon. As per the extensive research, the appearance of these Pokémon is made available. Additionally, Shiny Foongus & Shiny Pansear will be appearing for the first time in the event alongside Wimpod. The Pokémon Go League will commence soon. In the initial part of the season, various events will be held.

July 2022 Community Day Featuring Starly

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The Pokémon Go celebrates the July 2022 Community Day with the feature of Starly on the July Community Day! The event will be held on 17th July 2022, Sunday in the time frame of 11 am to 2pm. The existence of Pokémon is expected to be mostly in the wild area. The trainers can evolve Starly into Staravia in the event hours or 5 hours later of the event.

After the Community Day event, the trainers will get the opportunity to challenge the 4-star eccentric raid battles. Staravia will be available in the 4-star raids, and access to these raids is provided only to the players having the raid passes & the premium battle passes. The remote raid passes will not be entertained in the 4-star raid battles.

Pokémon Go Raids Schedule July 2022

The players of the legendary game will be up with the question that when will the raid take place? It is the fact that Niantic special raid hour gives the best possible chance for the player to fetch the 5-star raid Pokémon. Hence, the gyms conducting the raid in the special hour will be 5-star rated. The raid hours will be 6-7pm every Wednesday and any changes in the timings will be informed prior to the change.

Final Words

The most popular game Pokémon has always been in the news with its fame and is once again in the headlines with July Pokémon Go Raids 2022. The players will be updated about the exciting new features of the raids. There are one-star, 3-star, and 5-star raids will all the raids having different norms. The battles will be conducted in an excited manner.