PC vs Laptop Comparison – Advantages and Disadvantages

Making a decision between either a PC or a Laptop can be a challenge at times due to the fact that they both Desktop PC as well as Laptop each have each their own pros and cons. This is why I’m going to look at the two kinds of computers: an all-inclusive desktop PC and Laptop in depth.


You’ll feel more at ease working on a PC rather than laptops. It’s because a computer is bigger in size, has a fully-sized keyboard and mouse, which do not make you tired and you are able to work longer on a PC for a greater time. The laptops have smaller screens, keyboard, and touchpad that could cause strain to your eyes as well as your fingers and back.

Easily Upgradable

PCs can be upgraded quickly, that is not the laptops. On PC, you can upgrade processors, motherboard, graphics card, RAM, monitor, hard disk keyboard, and pretty much everything else. However, with laptops, there is less space for upgrading. One of the things you can upgrade on laptops are hard memory and disk. Check HP Laptop 15.6-inch screen price online in India

More Powerful

PCs are generally more robust than an Laptop even though both use the exact same hardware configuration. The reason is that PC components are stronger and robust opposed to laptops. This also means more efficient and quicker performance on PCs compared to laptops.


PC components are more robust in comparison to laptop. PC components are built to last as compared to the components in laptops are tiny and fragile. In general, laptop components have a higher likelihood of being damaged when compared to the components of a desktop computer.

Less Expensive

A computer with a good configuration comparable to or superior to the configuration of a Laptop is less expensive. Additionally, a PC typically provides longer lifespan and greater performance than laptops.

Benefits that come with Laptop over PC

Here are the top advantages of laptops over PC or desktop computer.


The primary benefit of laptops in comparison to PCs is the fact that it’s portable and you can take it around with you wherever you go unlike carrying a PC around with you at any time you’d like. Laptops are extremely useful for those who spend a lot of time of traveling for work or for business, and whose job is dependent heavily on internet access.


Laptops are more of a personal item and, therefore, if you’re looking for an individual computer and you don’t wish to share with anyone else or allow them to use it , then buy the laptop. Since laptops are small in size , you can protect it from the eyes of others.


On laptops, you can perform your job for a long time even if there is no mains power. Laptops comes with a massive battery that allows you to work for up to a couple of hours or longer (depends on the laptop’s battery type and size as well as the programs that are running). On a PC you have only the possibility of using UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that only lasts for about 10 minutes and during that time, all you need to do is stop your work and close your computer in a timely manner.

Computer Recommendation for Different Type of Work / Purpose

For Normal Work – PC or Laptop

For Business For Business PC to be used for office work and Laptop to do work while traveling

For Professional Work PC (recommended) in cases where portability isn’t a problem otherwise , a top-end laptop

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Final Words

Laptops have become extremely fast and powerful in recent years , but you should not overlook the strength, durability and ease of use of a computer. Laptops are best used for situations where portability is an essential concern and are not in any way recommended for gaming purposes. If portability isn’t your primary concern and you are looking for a laptop that is powerful