Must haves for your next hiking trip

Must haves for your next hiking trip

So, you are going on a hiking trip and wondering what to add to your bag to make the trip more fun. This think-piece has 11 must-have items for your next hiking trip. Read the article to find out about them in detail.

  1. Sleeping bag

This is one of the most important items of a hiking trip as it provides you with a great outdoor sleeping experience. Ensure the bag is made of waterproof fabric and can also be used as an air lounge.

In general, sleeping bags are light and don’t cause any shoulder pain. However, if you feel your sleeping bag is heavier than usual, it’s wise to buy a new one.

  1. Reusable water bottle

While going for a hike, carrying a reusable water bottle is best. This will save you from dehydration-related issues. Don’t forget to refill it whenever you get a chance. These bottles also prevent the environment from harmful substances like plastic.

  1. Headlight

Your hiking bag is never complete without a headlight. It helps you to see things effortlessly during the nighttime. Also, with this light, you can protect yourself from wild animals.

If possible, invest in a good quality expensive headlight, and you will not regret it.

  1. Dry fruits and energy bars

When you go trekking, you lose energy at a rapid rate. Energy bars and dry fruits can help you cope with this time. In addition, it assists your body in maintaining an optimum level of energy.

Further, these snacks will take up less space than real foods. You can also buy trail mix, sneakers, etc.

  1. Camping tent

Usually, a camping tent comes with the capacity to provide space for two people. So, if you are going with a group, check the number of the tent first. Because if the other person is carrying a tent, you don’t need to have yours. You can keep other essential items instead.

  1. Backpack

Backpacks were made especially for trekking. It keeps things organized while you hike. Most backpacks are travel-friendly, so you get enough space to store the necessary items.

Plus, a quality backpack doesn’t put extra pressure on your shoulder and helps to maintain the body’s balance. Before buying, check if the backpack is waterproof and has enough chains and pockets.

All these features will come in handy on the trek.

  1. Mini foldable camping stove

In the hill area, foods are extremely costly and hard to find. Suppose you have made a plan to explore a secret hiking spot. There is less chance that you will find a decent food stall there.

Thus, it is always wise to carry a mini foldable camping stove designed for camping on your hiking trip. This way, you won’t face much difficulty using it.

  1. Ugg boots

Ugg boots offer you protection and comfort on your trip. These are lightweight, sturdy, warm, and waterproof. In addition, it gives your ankle adequate support and helps you walk over smoothly on slippery surfaces.

  1. Swiss knife

This knife is by far the essential product on the list. You will be surprised to see how this small tool can come in handy on different occasions. You can use it for chopping veggies, cutting down small branches, protecting yourself from animals, etc.

  1. Trousers

Trousers are the best hiking wear. While shopping for one, ensure that it is lightweight, absorbs water quickly, and is trek friendly. Don’t wear jeans or leggings as they will restrict your body movements. If you feel uncomfortable wearing trousers, you can try shorts.

But avoid it if you go to an area where ticks, midges, and other insects are present. Also, if you are planning your trip during winter, you must not wear shorts.

  1. Map and compass

There is a high chance that you will not find a proper network during the trip. So, you cannot use your mobile GPS in these areas. You should always carry a map and compass to avoid any unwanted situations.

Further, learn some navigational skills. Because if you don’t know how to use navigational tools, they will be useless, especially on solo trips.

Over to you…

Now that you know about the must-haves for your hiking trip, you can start shopping for them. Also, carry some cash and a first aid kit for emergencies. 


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