Making money with Embroidered and Printed shirts

Making money with Embroidered and Printed shirts

More and more people are realising the many different advantages and reasons to having graphic tshirt printing customised to their needs. You can use it for marketing, gifts to friends and family, for team or staff uniforms, for fun nights out, to be unique and yes to make money. You are different options with printing but the more commonly used for larger orders is screen printing and there is also the option to use embroidery. Here is a look at them both and then how you can take advantage of them.

Screen printing

This is a technique where a stencil method is used to impose the print onto a screen. Ink is pushed through onto the surface of whatever you are printing on. It is a good quality option and very affordable. You can use computer images and custom graphics either that you design yourself with the right programs, or you can choose from designs the printers themselves have to offer. Some even offer further help in customising and creating images, words and graphics to express yourself or promote something. 

You could use graphic tshirt printing to advertise the release of a new product or to market your business. You can promote your organisation at the same time as selling and giving away t-shirts. They can help you make more sales at your business and thus make more money. Or you could start your own business selling custom shirts. People like to be unique and if you have a good market for them, you could soon be earning a good income.

Embroidered tees

Shirt embroidery is another way to customise and decorate all kinds of things, tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, bags, jackets and more. It is very durable and embroidery is great for smaller designs that have more detail in them. Add some embroidery to otherwise plain shirts, or you could screen print on the main image and then add some detail in embroidery to stand out. Customers and clients will be impressed with the high standards and look you achieve whether you are marketing a restaurant, a club, an event or even a school fundraiser or charity! Raise some money for a good cause and run as a team with matching shirts in the next charity race. Sell tshirts as a way to raise money for the next school trip.


Not only can printed shirts or shirt embroidery be a great marketing tool, if you ensure they are well-designed and of good quality, but you might also keep getting marketing benefits from them for years into the future. People keep the tees they love for years. You might have a customer wearing your shirt on and off for 5 years or more! Look for a printer who knows what they are doing, has a good reputation for quality shirts and quality printing and embroidery and can meet your needs. You can make money from customised shirts and other items in a number of ways and for a variety of reasons.

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