5 Tips to Make Rubbish Collection Hassle-Free In Sydney

5 Tips to Make Rubbish Collection Hassle-Free In Sydney

There are several reasons why you would need to hire professional rubbish collection services in Sydney. You could have just moved in, and you’ve got a huge pile of moving paraphernalia you need to get rid of. Or you could be moving out and you’re not too keen about bringing unnecessary stuff with you. You could have thrown a house party, decluttered your attic, or gone through the kids’ old stuff and found that you have a little too much of everything in such a limited space.

Whatever your reasons may be, it’s important that you know how the rubbish collection works in Sydney so that you can maximize all the advantages of using such services and experience none of the hassle of disposing of unwanted items inside your home yourself. After all, given how busy life is nowadays, I’m sure that adding rubbish disposal to your long list of to-dos is the last thing on your mind.

But what kind of clutter can professional rubbish collection companies help you dispose of in the first place?

Everyday Household Waste 

From the most common to the most intricate, trash disposal experts can help you keep your home rubbish-free by disposing of unwanted articles safely and properly. One thing they can help you get rid of is the everyday waste your household produces just from doing everyday activities such as cooking, eating, cleaning, etc. Unsurprisingly, these types of waste can accumulate easily, especially when you’re running a big household. These types of everyday waste can be classified into 3 categories:

  • Biodegradable – This type of waste easily decomposes over time. Examples of these are paper products, food scraps, fruit peels, and other types of perishable products. 
  • Non-Biodegradable – This type of waste, on the other hand, will not decompose easily or at all without undergoing appropriate chemical processes to break down its components. Examples of which are plastic products like straws, disposable cutlery, ziploc bags, etc. Households are often advised to limit the use of such products due to the negative environmental effects they have.
  • Recyclables – This type of waste refers to those that can be recycled or repurposed. Examples of these are tin cans, glassware, or any other type of metalware. These types of wastes can often be brought into factories where they are broken down and transformed into something new.

Hazardous Chemicals or Items

Next, we have hazardous wastes. This type of waste product can be harmful to your family and the environment, such as strong chemicals or shards of glass. When it comes to hazardous chemicals and items, proper waste disposal is a must to avoid accidents that can lead to mild to severe injuries. 

Old or Broken Appliances & Furniture

Another thing waste disposal experts can help you get rid of is faulty or obsolete appliances and/or furniture. If you’ve been upgrading your household items, then chances are you have a lot of clutter lying around that has lost its purpose. If you’re not thinking of selling them or donating them, rubbish removal companies can help you dispose of these items as well. 

Defective Devices & Electronics

Through the years, the number of mobile phones, TVs, radios, speakers, and other electronics you may have gone through may be a lot and now, they’re all stacked in a junk pile somewhere inside your home. Trust us, if you have not used or let alone looked for these items in the past year, chances are, you will never ever need them again. What they’ve become are simply house clutter gathering up dust and taking up space. Calling in the experts and having them take them away is a good call to make. 

Post Construction Paraphernalia

If you’ve recently had some work done to your house, whether it’s building a new room or renovating older areas inside your home, you are bound to be left dealing with the aftermath of construction: post-construction debris. This type of clutter is very tedious to deal with and most of the time, you can’t just bag them up and throw them out somewhere. In this case, rubbish removal services like ridlyrubbishremoval.com.au can come to your rescue. 

Old or Outdated Items in Household Inventory

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there can be other items in your home that don’t make sense anymore and all they do is gather up dust in the attic or the basement. Some examples are old children’s toys or infant items that your now grown-up children will never again use, or old Christmas and Halloween decorations that no longer make you feel excited whenever the holiday season rolls around. Disposing of these items will give you more space to work with inside your house; it will also give you more peace of mind knowing that these stuff will no longer be a part of your general cleaning routine.

As you can see, professional rubbish collection services can help you take care of everyday wastes as well as bigger trash removal projects, often for one-off life events such as moving in/out or constructing a new home. After all, one of the biggest headaches of experiencing certain milestones in life is the clean up afterwards, which often goes unnoticed by those who are not part of your household. Knowing that there are companies you can trust to handle your rubbish disposal in a way that is fast, efficient, and safe for the environment, is truly helpful and makes you feel at ease.

Now, rubbish removal companies are always ready to help you out no matter the occasion. If you want to do something in return to help them do their jobs as efficiently as possible, we’ve listed several tips to improve not just your personal rubbish removal experience, but also make the job lighter for those who are sincerely pitching in to help you out. Let’s start with preparing for rubbish removal day.

Get Clear on What You Need to Dispose at This Point in Time

To make things super easy by the time the rubbish removal guys roll into your driveway, make sure that you plan out what to dispose of in advance. This way, you don’t miss anything, and you can get the most bang for your buck. List out all the things you want to be removed from inside your house by order of priority. This will give you a clear game plan before disposal day comes; it’ll help make these folks’ jobs easier as well!

Declutter & Segregate

Next, once you’re clear on what items inside your house you want to get rid of, you can then start decluttering and segregating these items. Before you hastily have the rubbish removal guys take everything away, first consider whether these items you’re trying to dispose of can still be of use to others. Classify them into 3 categories:

  • To Throw – These are items you really want to get rid of; no questions asked.
  • To Sell – These items can still be of some value and you may possibly earn some extra pocket money from selling these on Facebook Marketplace or holding a garage sale. 
  • To Donate – These items can still be helpful to those in need such as old clothes, shoes, bags, and other wearable apparel. Instead of disposing of them, you may want to donate them to charities instead.

Next, you must further segregate the items under each category, starting with what’s biodegradable and what’s not, what can be repurposed or recycled, and what requires careful disposal (i.e., things that may potentially cause harm to the environment.

Pack Up & Label

Once you’ve got everything segregated, it’s time to pack them up into separate bags or boxes. Make sure that you label each one, especially if you’ve got things to sell or donate so you don’t mistakenly throw them out. 

Schedule Your Rubbish Removal Date

Once you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to schedule the actual date for rubbish removal. Most companies can cater to disposal requests within a couple days after you make the call. Make sure that you appoint someone in charge, whether it’s you or another family member, to help facilitate the rubbish disposal on the day. 

Set Up Bi-weekly or Monthly Trash Disposal 

To avoid having clutter piled up all over again, make sure that you set a rubbish removal day once or twice a month. This will help you and your family get into the habit of disposing of trash regularly and not hoarding them inside your house. The less clutter you have inside your home, the better quality of life you will have!

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