Luxury property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: two great offers

Luxury property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: two great offers

Demand in the real estate sector in the UAE is actively supported by the government: due to new bills and reforms, investors and buyers are getting new opportunities. If you want to own a property in One Palm, Dubai Hills View, or Cavalli Tower in Dubai, then you can check the Ax Capital agency website for all the details about the housing and prices. Though, Abu Dhabi also has a wonderful place to own property. 

Real estate in Dubai in 2022

Experts say there will be over 700,000 residential spaces in the Dubai real estate market by the end of 2022. This data was provided by ZaZEN Properties. Experts have calculated that taking into account the current pace of construction, by the end of this year, more than 40,000 new housing units will appear on the real estate market. And in total, the number of all properties in Dubai will reach 700,000 units.

The calculation of data was carried out using quarterly studies, which are published monthly by specialists. Most of the properties are already in operation, and all the statistics allow us to build positive forecasts for the Dubai real estate market. Experts unanimously assure about an increase in the number of transactions and the launch of new projects.

Luxury property for sale in Dubai

Today in Dubai there is a high level of demand for super-luxury housing. And numerous transactions that set new records confirm this fact. It became known that in the segment of ultra-expensive real estate, a new property has appeared – an exclusive villa XLV worth AED 225 million, which is equivalent to USD 61.26 million.

It is reported that the villa is located in one of the most popular areas – Emirates Hills. And today this housing has every chance to become the most valuable real estate in Dubai. Experts say that the Emirates Hills area ranks first in the ranking of the most popular areas where luxury real estate is sold. And over the past few months, there has been a very high demand from buyers from Europe.

Luxury property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi two great offer

  • Villa XLV has an area of ​​4629 square meters and has seven bedrooms. 
  • Select Group acted as the developer of this housing. This developer is known for its ambitious projects in the prestigious Dubai Marina area.

Another interesting fact is that, unlike other properties in the premium real estate segment, the seller of Villa XLV did not want to sell the property as part of a private auction, as was done with many other properties. The villa also features luxurious interiors designed by an international design studio.

The island of happiness is a reality: luxury real estate in the Emirates

Al-Saadiyat is translated from Arabic as happiness, is located near the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and fully justifies its name.

Saadiyat is a natural island in the Persian Gulf with pristine white sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, unique flora and fauna such as mangroves, and rare animal species. The island is called one of the most beautiful places in the world. Saadiyat is located a 15-minute drive from the center of Abu Dhabi, half an hour from the airport, and connected to the capital of the Emirates by a bridge.

There are plenty of educational and entertainment facilities open nearby:

  • British and French schools, 
  • New York University 
  • the largest five-star hotels, 
  • a golf club, 
  • an entertainment island.

The well-developed infrastructure of the island makes it a center of attraction for investors. A variety of real estate: villas, luxury apartments, townhouses, apartments – is in high demand here. The flow of foreigners to this Emirate in 2022 increased by almost 50% compared to 2021.

Property owners on Saadiyat have their own private beach with a promenade, gyms, swimming pools, and safe children’s play areas. There are complexes of villas and apart-hotels for rent. At the same time, each property has its own advantages, which are designed to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding client.

There are also more budget residential complexes on the island where you can buy a studio apartment, for example, near the university. But here, too, the convenience of housing owners is at the forefront. At the moment, the island of happiness continues to be built and delight its cloisters and guests with unusual architectural and design solutions.

Real estate agency in Dubai

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