Long-Lasting and Anonymous Proxy

Long-Lasting and Anonymous Proxy

International and stable IP addresses are updated daily with YiLu Proxy. Currently, over 90 million residential IPs are available to use, regardless of their geolocation. Individuals interested in obtaining a reliable ghost browser that matches real-time USA IPs should highly consider this provider. USA proxy interchangeability can be done nearly instantaneously for users to get the desired mimicked browser features.


Other proxies have high latency periods that can span up to 200 milliseconds that are detectable by hosts, whereas YiLu averages no higher than 10 ms, which optimizes anti-detection. A slow network connection and higher disconnects are associated with non-YiLu hosts. Once connected to YiLu, users are practically guaranteed never to get booted. This is because YiLu uses global servers with realistic IPs, unlike competitors that use drop data packets. In other words, YiLu Proxy has become a consumer favorite for obtaining and reflecting US geographical considerations when surfing online as each of their IPs undergo website performance and testing before release. Therefore, IPs are verified and useable to any users claiming them.


When choosing YiLu, bulk data packets can be processed under their data scraping mechanism. Despite information being funneled into an isolated environment, anonymity and uniqueness of browsing, even when using a single browser with multiple tabs, are maintained. Data can be categorized or configured with available or customizable tools to help track local indexes and rankings to assist in SEO monitoring – this is extremely important for companies that wish to advertise, market, or conduct consumer research online. Furthermore, each proxy is private to maximize security, so data breaches are highly unlikely, meaning obtained consumer information is quickly accessible and transferable between devices.

Business Advantage

Those heavily vested in eCommerce should highly consider YiLu as there is a low likelihood of one of their USA IPs or USA proxy from being banned, blacklisted, restricted, or shielded. Their enterprise-grade spider proxy that comes with all IPs is designed to display and support advertisements, even on significant web browsers and social media platforms, as part of their ads verification feature.


Most ghost proxies will come with a monthly fee. On top of that, an additional fee just to have a dedicated IP server. The average beginner package is around $12.99 per month, supporting 6,000 servers over 7 devices. Advanced, professional, and expert proxies can be about $36, $80, and $140, respectively, each month. Hosts that only offer free versions should not be trusted. Despite not having to put in any credit card or other personal information, the connectivity and reliability are low, whereas compromises, hacking, and tracing are higher.

At YiLu, a shared static IP plan for 24 hours starts a $0.10 per IP with unlimited bandwidth, requests, and traffic, which is excellent for secondary authentication confirmations before a long-term commitment. Once satisfied, users can choose a 30-day plan for $5/IP. The best option is a rotating IP that allows users access to over 90 million real-time IPs in over 200 countries – this plan is priced on traffic utility. Nonetheless, YiLu is a cost-effective and safe instrument to get a USA proxy or USA IPs.

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