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Landon Coulston Car Accident | Obituary

The news of his unexpected passing has left everyone shocked and deeply saddened. The manner in which Coulston met his untimely demise is nothing short of a tragedy for his family and friends. His memory will forever be etched in our hearts.

Car Accident

On Friday, July 7, 2023, Landon Coulston, a bull rider based in Texas, was involved in a horrifying crash while driving his pickup truck. Due to the impact and subsequent rollover of the vehicle, Coulston was ejected from his seat. As a result of the collision, he sustained severe injuries and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Despite the efforts of medical professionals, his life could not be saved. He succumbed to his injuries from the accident, which prompted an outpouring of online memorials in honor of Landon Coulston.

Obituary | Cause of Death

The family will release information regarding the obituary soon, although no specific details are available at this time.

About Landon Coulston

Landon Coulston, the cowboy and bull rider, hailed from Monahans, Texas. He was a familiar face at bull riding rallies and shows in the area, captivating audiences with his exceptional performances. His shows were consistently thrilling and left a lasting impression. Landon Coulston was married to Trinity Coulston.

Having grown up in Monahans within a farming family, Coulston spent his childhood exploring the great outdoors. He completed his secondary education at a nearby college and pursued his passion for bull riding, rapidly gaining fame at a young age.


The tragic death of the beloved Landon Coulston has left everyone heartbroken and grieving. People across social media platforms are expressing their condolences, sharing memories, and paying their respects. The Rank Ride family, in particular, has lost an exceptional young cowboy, and the Lord has gained another skilled hand by His side. For all of us who knew him, we now have another angel riding on our shoulders. Rest in peace, ‘Lambo.’

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