7 Underrated Movies That Achieved Perfection

7 Underrated Movies That Achieved Perfection

Many films are made each year, and some of them receive awards and nominations for being classified as the most iconic ones in the history of cinema. But there are some lesser-known films that we believe are exceptional in various aspects, such as storytelling, performances, direction, cinematography, and other remarkable elements. In this article, we will shed light on such hidden gems that may have gone unnoticed by mainstream audiences but deserve to be known. So keep reading to discover cinema’s hidden beauty.

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Released in 2001, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “Amélie” is a whimsical and visually stunning French film that transports viewers into a world of enchantment. The plot revolves around the endearing Amelie, brilliantly played by Audrey Tauto, as she embarks on a journey to bring joy to the lives of others while struggling with her own yearning for love. 

“Amélie” exemplifies Jeunet’s mastery of visual storytelling and captures the essence of pure cinematic magic with its vibrant colors, imaginative sequences, and endearing characters.

The Lives of Others

“The Lives of Others,” directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, is a gripping drama set in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. This moving film tells the story of a Stasi officer who becomes emotionally involved in the lives of those who are under surveillance. The film delivers an intense and thought-provoking narrative while exploring themes of surveillance, personal freedom, and the cost of conscience. 

Overall, “The Lives of Others” is an underappreciated masterpiece owing to its superb performances and meticulous attention to detail.


This 2009 action film, directed by Jeff F. King, starring Steve Austin, Walton Goggins, Laura Vandervoort, and Lynda Boyd. It’s a gritty, bare-knuckles fight film about the difficult decisions people have to make during times of recession. 

The plot revolves around ex-con John Brickner’s life as he attempts to rebuild himself after serving 7 years in prison. But the tables are turned when he is approached by the wife of the man he murdered. 

“Damage” is a film that will keep you glued to your seat until the end for its violence, heart, story, drama, and suspense. 


“Rosetta” is a 1999 Belgian film directed by the Dardenne brothers that offer an unvarnished portrayal of themes like selfishness, betrayal, poverty, and survival. The story follows the eponymous character, played brilliantly by Emilie Dequenne, as she navigates a world of desperation and resilience. 

“Rosetta” exposes the struggles of the working class with unrelenting honesty, leaving a profound impact on viewers with its intimate handheld camera work and naturalistic performances. 

Blue Car

Blue Car is an American drama film directed and written by Karen Moncrieff in 2002. The film depicts the emotional vulnerability of a young girl and how a child like her can fall into the trap of a manipulator. The plot revolves around Meg, a gifted but fearful 18-year-old girl who struggles to fit in and finds solace in poetry. Her teacher recognizes her talent and encourages her to enter the national poetry competition while also serving as a mentor and father figure to her. 

The film depicts Meg’s family life struggles, the complexities of Mr. Auster’s presence in her life, and her struggle to win the poetry contest. The emotional scenes, combined with Meg’s bravery and the complex relationship with her teacher, make it a worthwhile watch. 


“Quills” is a fictionalized account of the Marquis de Sade’s final years that combines dark comedy and gripping drama. The film is directed by Philip Kaufman and stars Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix, and Kate Winslet. 

“Quills” explores the conflict between art and censorship in a provocative way, shedding light on the human condition through the lens of the infamous libertine. The film explores themes such as creative freedom, societal recession, and the power of words. 

“Quills” challenges conventions and leaves a lasting impression on its audience with its sharp writing, flawless performances, and audacious storytelling. 

Lost on Translation

Lost on Translation is a romantic-comedy drama directed and written by Sofia Coppola in 2003. The film explores the theme of unexpected encounters and relationships.

The plot revolves around a lonely, aging movie star named Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and a conflicted newlywed named Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), who meet in Tokyo. Bob is in town to film a Japanese whiskey commercial, and Charlotte is there with her celebrity photographer husband. Strangers in a strange land, the two meet by chance in the quiet lull of the hotel bar and find escape, distraction, and understanding in the midst of the bright Tokyo lights. They form an unlikely bond that is also heartfelt and meaningful. 

The outstanding performances, brilliant cinematography, and overall portrayal make this a must-see film.


It’s always refreshing to watch something new from the world of cinema, and the movies we have mentioned above are some of the masterpieces that got underrated by the mainstream audience but surely deserve your viewership. We hope you enjoy watching them!

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