Jasmine White 403 TikTok Video

Jasmine White 403 TikTok Video

This article will discuss the trending Jasmine White 403 TikTok Video and the viewers’ reactions.

Are you aware of the creative content on TikTok?

Have you tried your hand at creating a TikTok video? Do you love to scroll the TikTok videos in your spare time? If yes, then you may be aware of to what extent the content creator can reach to gain fame and be on the trending list!

There is one such weird video that is trending in the United States. To take selfies in risky areas or to capture the moments conducting adventures, everything will be available. Let us have a detailed look at why Jasmine White 403 TikTok video is in trend?

What is TikTok, and why is it always in trend?

TikTok is a very popular platform for a specific range of people who love to explore trending videos, comedy scenes, lip-sync content, mimics, and other viral videos. Basically, every particular sort of content is available on the platform, which includes even disgusting and nasty things. It is due to the enormous fan base of the content maker that some videos gain extreme popularity and get into the headlines. For instance, a girl is in the limelight with her disturbing video content. A girl with username @JasmineWhite403 on TikTok uploaded a video in which she is seen eating a raw chicken in a hostile manner. Soon with her upload, she was in the news and a hot topic for the netizens.

What is in the TikTok video of Jasmine White 403?

Jasmine White 403 TikTok Video, Jasmine is seen consuming raw chicken, tearing it apart with her teeth. It may be her eating style or, most probably, a publicity stunt, but she has been criticized for her nasty content. People have felt disgusted and shown their hate with many questions. It has affected a lot of vegetarians and even scared many people.

 People have commented not to watch her video or search for her video on any of the social media platforms to stay away from the disgust. A person issued a warning stating that she is not even aware of salmonella, a dangerous infection that can arise through the consumption of raw food and their faces. She is also in trend with Things you should never Google for her nasty video.

How do the viewers react to the video?

Jasmine White 403 received a lot of criticism for the disgusting content that she uploaded to gain popularity. One of the users posted a comment that why he even searched for Jasmine White on TikTok and added that it is indeed said to mind our own business after searching for her video. Some of the people were literally shocked to see the behavior of Jasmine and told not to explore the video or else their stomachs may even turn! People felt that it was too hot for her to turn ON the stove, and others asked if she was still alive after consuming such raw unhealthy food.

Jasmine White 403 is now left with only a single video in her account after her negative publicity. She has also posted videos where she is seen chewing raw fish. After the controversy, Jasmine White 403 TikTok Video is no longer available to view. One of the users asked even other people who consume sushi! He stated that it is also to consume raw fish. The original account of Jasmine White disappeared from the online platform after her upload of videos eating raw chicken. There is no exact detail why the account disappears, and you can watch the woman consuming raw fish and devouring it in her new account.

Final Words

The video shared by Jasmine White has gone viral on social media. People have shown hatred towards the tendency of content creators to get into the limelight and become popular overnight by doing such disturbing things rather than making creative content on the platform. On this platform, people have been appreciated for their creativity with positive comments, whereas the people who intend to gain fame overnight have been mocked. A similar happened with Jasmine White 403 TikTok video.

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