Content Marketing KPIs To Track Your Online Brand Presence

Content Marketing KPIs To Track Your Online Brand Presence

Before we understand content KPI, let us first focus on why content is essential.

Content is the fuel to every marketing campaign. Without the right content, it would be almost impossible to keep it going. So, no matter what strategies you plan to implement next, your website is at risk if you do not measure your content’s performance.

How are you going to measure the performance and understand whether the content strategy you are implementing is working? Even if it is failing, it is better you know so than keep using a faulty method.

This is where the concept of KPI comes in!

What Is KPI?

KPI is a Key Performance Indicator. So, there are some indicators that you can check to study your performance. They will allow you to make further decisions regarding your content.

You should be checking content KPI at a regular frequency and after each year. Since digital marketing is a dynamic theory, change is inevitable. 

Content Marketing KPI

Here are some of the common content marketing KPIs you should be keeping an eye on. 

1. Organic Traffic

Every traffic you gain on your page is not organic. They could be of many kin, and some of the common ones are:

– Paid search traffic.

– Direct traffic.

– Organic traffic.

– Email traffic.

Organic traffic is the traffic you should care about to understand the effectiveness of your content strategy. It comes from good informative content, SEO, and guest posting for the purpose of link building. This is when your keyword research, readability, and content are proven. Then, good content will be promoted by the google algorithm to be at the top of the search engine.

This in return will yield more organic traffic. These are the audiences who are looking for a solution that your content provides. 

2. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is bad for your website. To anyone who doesn’t know the meaning of this term, a bounce rate is measured by the amount of time an audience spends on the page. If it is less than a few seconds, the bounce rate increases.

If the website’s bounce rate increases, Google will blacklist the website, and it will be difficult to rank it. Some of the common mistakes which can increase bounce rate (content-wise).

– Incomplete content which does not provide any answer.

– Short content.

– Long paragraphs.

Overall, anything which can decrease the readability of the content.

3. Social Media Engagement Rate

Social media is often linked to websites and blog pages. You need to have strong social media content and copywriting skills. With the depleting attention span of the audience, it is almost impossible to get someone to stop and read a post despite all the scrolling.

So, a part of checking your content KPI is also to see how much traffic is coming from inbound links over social media.

This is where your social media engagement rate comes into play. If you want your content to grow, every other branch of digital marketing has to be factored in. To get more information about social media engagement check out RSLOnline.

4. Time On Page

The time of the page is an essential content KPI, especially for your blog page. This will ensure that you are able to study search intent and give the answer to their question. In addition, it is only through navigating the time on the page that one can understand whether the reader is reading the entire article.

This also shows whether you have the right content to attract the target audience because only the interested will be spending that much time on the page.

5. Heat Map

This is an excellent trick that not everyone talks about, but eCommerce websites widely use it to understand which product is being clicked on the most. 

A heat map is a content KPI that allows you to see the area on the page which is clicked the most. With this, you will understand which information your audience seems more interested in the entire content.

Start With Your Tracking Today

Now that you know the common content KPIs that can help you understand whether your content strategy brings fruitful results, start checking them immediately. You will find tools, free and paid to check these KPIs.

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