How to Wear a Great Kilt and Store it?


Great Kilt is the oldest kind of kilt, and has an extra yard of fabric that can be folded over the wearer of the kilt. It is composed of 3 to 6 yards of fabric, which ranges from 54-60 inches wide. The Kilt was worn by shepherds and the poor because it was their cloth and blanket.

There are a lot of people who have worn kilts who admiring this beautiful piece of clothing and wish to wear them even in the present age too. This is why we offer our kilts that is loved by a lot of our clients due to its stunning design and the essence of traditional. However, we received lots of inquiries from people who wanted us to create a manual for wearing and folding a an excellent the kilts. For More details about kilts visit Kiltsshop.

Part 1- Putting on the Great Kilt

Follow these steps to dress in the perfect kilt. If you’re looking for Scottish Tartan Kilts then you might want to browse our collection.

  • Step 1. The first step is to wear a belt and lay on the bed with your knees on just the top of the bed. take off the belt on.
  • Step 2Now you must place the kilts fabric over the bed. Make it sure the hem line lies along the edges of your bed.
  • Step 3: Then, you have make a pleat. ensure that there are three separate sections. half hips of pleat as well as half hips of the apron to each side.
  • Step 4 You must now lie down on the Kilts, knees on the edge of your bed.
  • Step 5Afterwards you will need to spread your body under the apron, and smooth your body on the right side . Then, spread out over the apron and smooth over your body to the left. Maintain your hem straight and straight. The belt is now fastened.
  • Step 6 Get up to make the kilts go under the pleat which will be hanging over the kilts in the middle of the shins.

Part 2- Wearing the Great Kilt

It’s the 2nd component of the kilts in which you’re required to put on the Great Kilts. Let’s begin;

  • Step 7 Take a look in the mirror and notice the design of the kilts, with its plaid.
  • Step 8Step 8 Then you have to grab the two edges of the apron’s plaid in the left hand and the middle of the plaid to the left and then bring them together on the left shoulder. Pin them by using an apron brooch.
  • Step 9Here you have to go to go to the plaid side on the under-apron. put it on under your belt as close to on the left.
  • Step 10Step 10 Take the plaid edge of the apron over and put it on underneath the belt.
  • Step 11Step 11 The kilts is visible now from the front however, it will not be visible from the back.
  • Step 12 Bring the center of the plaid to the head, then wrap the loop that wraps around the neck and secure it by brooch. After that, you must take the plaid in your hands at an arms length on either side and bring them towards the left shoulder. attach the brooch to the left shoulder.
  • Step 1313.Now place all the plaids under the belt to the back. It’s going to be bulky but it’s going to look fabulous on you.
  • Step 14Step 14After that , take one or more pleats from the in the middle of the plaid, and place them on the left shoulder. Pin to secure them.
  • Step 15 Step 15 – It’s done!

How to Fold a Great Kilts?

Then let’s look at the second part of this that is making a perfect Kilts. It’s pretty easy and follows:

  • Step 1 The first step is to put the Canvas protection cover over the mattress.
  • Step 2Flip your plaid on your head, then lay it on the canvas and then pleat it as you wear it. Make sure to put it on with care. the pleats.
  • Step 3 Then, take the upper and under apron. Fold into the pleated.
  • Step 4 Then smooth out all folds and wrinkles in a careful manner.
  • Step 5 After that, you are required to fold the plaid edge of this the plaid and fold it over the edge of the Kilts.
  • Step 6 Then fold your canvas over the top of the kilts. tie it. Then you have to roll the kilts as tight possible from where you fold it all the way to the edge of the hem.
  • 7.At last put the kilts on and tie it shut!

Sum up!

This is my talk about the great kilts. I am certain that you are aware about the kilts. Contact us directly to get assistance from us personally. We are more than willing to help you. Our Great Kilts are made from a variety of tartans, and are pure quality.