How To Watch Cartoons & Anime Series For Free?

Watch Cartoons & Anime Series

As a 90s kid or even someone born in the early 2000s, you know exactly what it’s like to live in the golden era of cartoons. We grew up watching Ben 10, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Samurai Jack, Justice League, Dragon Ball Z, and many other masterpieces. 

The good thing was that we could watch all these series for free. But, unlike today’s kids who can watch everything on demand (no offense), we had to wait for those series to air on TV. 

Although you may be a grown-up today, it is never too late to go down memory lane and live the nostalgia of our childhood all over again. You can watch all of your favorite cartoons and anime for free on the internet. 

It is ok to pay for the subscriptions, but you can watch all of these shows for free on several free websites.

So if you are looking for such websites to watch all of your favorite cartoons and anime, here are some suggestions from a fellow cartoon and anime lover.  

Best Websites To Watch Cartoons and Anime Series for Free

There are many free movie websites like uwatchmovies for downloading movies. But if you need websites for cartoons, anyone can hardly recommend them. That is why I am here to help; here are the best websites to watch cartoons and anime for free-

Cartoons On 

You can watch all of your favorite cartoons on this website for free. In addition, you can stream your favorite cartoons on HD quality. There is an extensive library of many cartoons here on this website. 

Ben Ten, Phineas, and Ferb, Tom & Jerry, Avatar: The Last Airbender; you can see all of these classic and fan-favorite cartoons on this website. The website has a simple interface, making all viewers enjoy all the series they love. In addition, you can categorize your cartoon based on name, series, and studio. 


Although finding all the episodes of your favorite cartoons may not be possible on YouTube, it is a free and hassle-free option to look for the cartoons and anime you love. If you look carefully, there are many great cartoons available on YouTube for watching for free. 

Many cartoons are compiled in one single video to make you feel amazed. I watched Cowboy Bebop on YouTube. You can watch easily and freely in plain sight without using any VPN on YouTube. 


Wcoforever is another free website where you can watch all of your favorite cartoons and anime for free. Anime series and cartoons are available here in HD quality, and you can search them using alphabetic orders or the intuitive search option on the website.

If you love watching anime, you will have fun using this website. There are many new and old anime on this website. Also, if you keep track of new anime, then wcoforever will amaze you. There are regular updates on newly released anime on this website. 


As a cartoon fan, I favor Kimcartoon above many other websites. I have been using this website for years. Although the site keeps getting blocked now and then, you find it popping almost all the time you need it. 

There is an extensive list of cartoons from old and new on this site. Here, you can watch all the classic favorites, especially DC animated series and Marvel cartoons. Also, you get to watch any new cartoon released in recent years on Kisscartoon. 


If you want an easy-to-use website where you can watch only the top anime like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto, then you should check out Cartoonsarea. 

Cartoonsarea is excellent for mobile users. You can search for the cartoons and anime in alphabetical order then Cartoonsarea will not disappoint you. But you may feel a little annoyed by the ads on this site. This is a great website for anime lovers if you take away the ads. 


There are many options to look for when searching for free websites for watching cartoons. In this article, I have talked about only the number one websites for watching cartoons and anime for free.

If you have trouble using any of these websites, please let us know in the comment; we will offer you other alternatives.

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