5 Social Media KPIs You Should Track In 2022

5 Social Media KPIs You Should Track In 2022

Are you worried about your constantly fluctuating marketing strategies and social media KPIs? Have you reached a dead end with your digital strategy? Well, don’t you worry because we are here to tell you about all the vital key performance indicators that you must prioritize in 2022? If you don’t keep analyzing your metrics, how will you ever improve your strategy? 

5 Social Media KPIs You Should Track In 2022:

Thus, scroll down to find out the key social media KPIs you must keep track of in 2022.

1. Impressions

Simply put, the total number of times your content is seen by your audience is known as your impressions. In this context, it must be noted that a single user can be counted for more than one impression. For instance, if your brand has a following of 400 people and each follower views your published content twice, then your impression count would be 800. 

This is one of the most important social media KPIs for creating brand awareness – it measures your brand account’s ability to make content that people are watching, not once but multiple times. The more impressions you get, the better for your brand, especially if you are new and developing a brand voice. You can try influencer marketing for your brand if you didn’t get enough impressions on your posts.

2. Reach 

There is not much difference between your reach and impressions, except a major one. Reach is defined in the same way as impressions, but in the case of reach, one user is counted once and not multiple times. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with boosting your performance on social media. 

When your reach increases, you will be able to find out whether you have reached a new consumer online. We would suggest checking out your reach often. This will help you track how many people are viewing your content. If the reach is low, you must consider reviewing your social media strategy. 

3. Growth Rate Of Audience 

Most people associate social media KPIs with finding the best time to post on YouTube, Instagram, or other social networking platforms. We are not denying the importance of timing in optimizing your social media posts. But that comes in much later – first comes in reach and impressions, followed by metrics asking the most important questions. 

Is your audience growth rate increasing? You might see an increase in your reach and impressions but not in your audience growth rate. In that case, you have to understand that your strategy is not working. Your total follower count shows how many people follow your brand but the audience growth rate highlights how fast people are converting into followers. 

4. Rate Of Engagement

Engagement rate is one of the most crucial social media KPIs of 2022. The rate of engagement analyzes what percent of your followers are engaging with your content and which percent is not showing any interest. Sometimes, you will notice that although your post has a good number of likes, there is a gaping lack of comments. 

In that case, it is obvious that your engagement rate is pretty low, and your content plan requires much change. In this context, create quality content that induces fear of missing out or even emotional triggers for encouraging more of your audience to engage with your page. 

5. Click-through Rate

Once you have improved primary social media KPIs, the next thing you can do is boost your click-through rate. Simply put, your click-through rate displays the total percentage of your audience who clicks on your content to reach your website or landing page – basically, the percentage of people clicking on any links published in your content. 

You could always check out the best apps to make money online – all of them have a fantastic content strategy for increasing the click-through rate. Thus, you must keep track of your click-through rate and keep creating content that people can relate to, thereby clicking on it in the process.  


It’s 2022, and we live in an era of changing algorithms. If you want your brand to perform well online, you have to stay updated with the trends and make content accordingly. If you don’t know which performance indicators are working for you and which are not, how will you enhance your metrics? 

Thus, figure out how to improve your social media KPIs, boost your social media marketing strategy, and quickly increase your ROIs.