How to Make Money Using Swagbucks?

How to Make Money Using Swagbucks

Who doesn’t want to have some extra bucks to pay for small expenses here and there that you might otherwise delay? Even if you want to buy something for yourself, like clothes, or fix up something in your house with Swagbucks, you can get that extra cash. Swagbucks is a free service available on a Desktop, a browser extension, and an app that provides you with many opportunities to earn online.

It is basically a way to earn easy money without having to make a lot of effort. With school, college, job, and other time-consuming and effort-demanding obligations, you might not have enough time to work extra shifts to earn money; this is where this app comes in. Swagbucks makes for a great app with a low-time commitment and effort for a side income without the hustle.

Swagbucks has many options to accommodate many users that are looking to earn money in terms of ways to earn. It keeps track of your activity through SB points which you can later redeem. The various options include shopping online, shopping in person, taking short surveys, watching videos, and donating, and you can simply play games for real money on Swagbucks.


Who doesn’t like to shop? If you want to specifically earn money for shopping and going out to restaurants, then join Swagbucks, it’s free! You can shop at popular companies, including Amazon, Target, Starbucks, eBay, and 1500 other companies, and get cash back on every dollar you spend.

This is in the form of points. And you can also get exclusive deals and discount coupons. To get your shopping uploaded on Swagbucks, you can submit receipts of all your purchases from registered companies and earn points and exchange them for cash later.

You can also link your credit card or debit card to get cash backs every time you dine out at a participating establishment.

Take surveys

Taking various surveys and answering a few questions can help you earn extra SB points. Filling surveys throughout the day can take you 5-20 minutes to complete; depending on the length of the survey, you can earn about 40-100 SB points. The survey section also contains tasks of small editing and transcription that can get you a couple of points throughout the day.

Watch videos

Watching videos on Swagbucks is another way that you can earn points. Watch the playlist that Swagbucks has made for you. The videos might be on various topics of food, sports, technology, and politics.

The videos are customized and arranged according to your preferences so that you can enjoy their videos, and you should watch videos that you’re actually interested in. While you work or complete your house chores, you can play and let it run in the background and enjoy the extra money.

Make Swagbucks your default search engine rather than Google and earn points. Surf the web like normal, and you can keep earning points. You might be able to earn 10-20 SB points after a few months; these points can rack up to 100. However, the final total may vary depending on how much you will surf the web.

Download apps and Games

Swagbucks lets you earn points just by downloading a few apps and using them. You can earn a wide variety of points for installing apps on your phone, computer, or tablet.

You might just get some points for only downloading, but other times you’ll have to complete tasks and use these apps to get points. Playing games is a way you can earn good points.

The games you are already playing are tracked by Swagbucks, and that way, it tracks and compiles games based on what you play and your preferences, so you won’t have to play boring games; you can actually enjoy these games. Make sure you only play games recommended by Swagbucks, as they have partnered with Swagbucks, and you will only get points for playing those. These games can help you earn about 100 points.

However, some apps might require paying before you can access them, and these are recommended by Swagbucks; stick to free apps because these apps might not give enough in return, and you will end up spending more than you will be getting back.

Tell your friends

You can earn SB points without doing anything. Just get your friends to sign up for Swagbucks, and you’ll get 10% of their SB earnings for as long as they’ll be earning.

This is a great way you can help others make money easily on the side, but you will also benefit from them joining Swagbucks as you’ll get 300 SB points when they join. So get the word out and get a chance to earn more and help others make easy money.

Daily goals

Swagbucks has a daily goal option that you will have to complete to get daily SB points. A list of tasks is mentioned, which you can complete and earn bonus points every day. Just activate the daily goal button and set the amount of SB points that you want for the day, and it will give you a bunch of tasks for the day to complete based on your preferences.

Enter competitions

Lastly, another way you can earn is by entering competitions on Swagbucks limited-time giveaways. The prizes can range from techs like apple products or even more SB points.

It can be a bit of a gamble, but if you think you’re lucky might as well take a chance. However, you might need to spend SB points to enter. The amount of SB points that you need to take part in depends on the type of giveaway.

These are some of the options that can help you earn points on Swagbucks. It is quite simple, and you can also earn just by downloading the Swagbucks app on your phone, computer, or tablet.

The app is free, and once you think you’ve earned enough SB points and want to redeem them, you can do it by using PayPal or Apple Pay and turning it into cash. No one would want to miss out on an opportunity like this where you can earn money just by doing what you already do. Download the app and get your friends to do it as well, and enjoy the extra cash at hand.

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