AEW suspends Jeff Hardy following DUI arrest in Florida

Jeff Hardy Wiki

Jeffrey Nero Hardy, an American WWE star hails from Cameron, North Carolina, in the United States. He has won multiple titles in his WWE journey. He is currently a member of RAW in WWE. He is the brother of Matt Hardy and the tag team pair have won many titles together in their career as The Hardy Boyz. Before his career in WWE he was a performer in his wrestling promotion firm OMEGA that he started with his brother Matt. Initially in his journey with WWE, he was assigned as a jobber before he got noticed in the tag team section.

He holds a total of 25 championship titles with much more to come in his future journey. He is known as the daredevil of the arena with his performance in the TLC matches. He was renowned for his rebellious attitude but later cleaned up his controversial image. He also performed in TNA wrestling which is also known as Impact Wrestling. HE returned back to WWE in 2017 after almost a decade. He has a multi-talented personality with his interests in bike riding, poetry composition, and playing drums and guitar. Jeff Hardy face paint is amongst the talks in the WWE arena. Jeff Hardy tattoo with the demon symbol has been a representation of his rebellious image.

Jeff Hardy Age:

How old is Jeff Hardy? The WWE superstar came into the world on 31st August 1977 in the United States. He is a 45-year-old prominent wrestler with multiple championship titles. Jeff and Matt Hardy both rose to fame with their consistent performances in the WWE.

 Jeff Hardy Early Life:

The Hardy Boyz are professional wrestlers and in their early days, they loved to compete in football, motocross, baseball, etc. He lost his mother to brain cancer when he was just 9 years of age. He was passionate about the motocross races at the age of 12 and had to leave his interest in baseball with his arm injury in a bike accident. He got into a relationship with Beth Britt in 1999 and they were blessed with a daughter in October 2010.


He got married to Beth the next year and Beth was the mother of his second child in 2015. He lost his house in a fire accident and his dog died in the mishap. His debut in WWE was on 15th October 1993 and joined TNA on 23rd June 2004. Jeff Hardy 2002 year has been really productive for him with his wins over the pro wrestlers of WWE. Jeff Hardy willow’s character will be in action again before his retirement.

Jeff Hardy Net Worth:

Jeff Hardy, An American pro wrestler, is estimated with a net worth of $12 million. He also earns money by his brand endorsements, paid sponsorships, and other activities. He has a beautiful house and owns many luxury cars. Jeff Hardy action figure was also his source of income with a craze among his fans to buy the WWE star toy.

Jeff Hardy AEW:

The intercontinental champion with his win against Triple H got into trouble with his controversy. The legend wrestler with over 25 years of experience in the arena has a drug history and was advised by the WWE to join rehab. After the denial by the WWE star, they had no option and released him in December.

Jeff Hardy AEW

After a period of 90 days of no wrestling clause, he came into contract with AEW to accompany his brother Matt in the tag team championship. He was arrested back in 2019 for driving while he was impaired. He has also been charged with possession of non-consumable steroids. In October 2011, he was jailed for 10 days and had to pay a hefty fine of $100k.

Currently, he is charged for multiple reasons. One of them is a violation of the restrictions imposed on his driving license. He was under the charge of driving with his license suspended. The third reason was his immature behavior to drive with consumption of alcohol/drugs within a span of 10 years.

AEW suspends Jeff Hardey for his DUI arrest:

He is taken to the James Foxman Justice Center after his arrest at Daytona Beach in Florida. He will be presented before the jury on 14th June for his conviction. His arrest took place just a few days ahead of his tag team match against the tag team champions Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy in AEW on 15th June due to multiple offenses. AEW has suspended Jeff Hardy following his DUI arrest in Florida.

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