How to Become a General Practitioner in Australia

How to Become a General Practitioner in Australia

To be a general practitioner in Australia is a very reputed career, and it plays a major role in the healthcare system in Australia. You are required to pursue medical training and perform duty as a resident Medical officer for a duration of 1-3 years. The next step involves applying for a fellowship to get accreditation as a GP from the Royal Australian College of GP to initiate a search with Jobs for General Practitioners in Australia.  

Who is a General Practitioner? 

General Practitioners are well-known as physicians, and they take care of the overall health of a patient. They are skilled enough to examine the patient and identify the health issues on a broad scale. They have specialization to treat patients having several health issues of different age groups. They have the capability to advise the patients and provide them with prescriptions for the treatment of common health issues. If the injury is severe, they refer a specialized doctor to consult for better treatment.

What is the role of a General Practitioner?

  • To inspect and update the chart of the patient.
  • To examine the primary ailments like cough, cold, diabetes, flu, minor surgery, wound dressing, and more.
  • Prescribe medication and provide primary health treatment.
  • Advice on necessary lifestyle changes such as diet, workout, nutrition, etc., in addition to the medications for early healing.
  • Collect blood and tissue samples and send them to the designated laboratory to obtain the required test results.
  • In case of severe injury, advise the patient to consult a specialist for intense treatment upon requirement.
  • Submit the report of birth, death, and rare/infectious disease to the officials.
  • To provide a satisfactory solution to the patient’s health-related query.

A General Practitioner can pursue advanced studies pertaining to their interest in the various fields and have the opportunity to practice as a Gynaecologist, Oncologist, Pathologist, Radiologist, and more.

What is the procedure to obtain the degree of General Practitioner in Australia?

You can become a GP in Australia by pursuing a fellowship either from ACRRM or RACGP. It is important to take into consideration the particular requirements of the colleges before applying.

  • Fellowship in Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

The training program in ACRRM has a focus on the health issues of rural people. 

  • Fellowship in Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

The training program in RACGP has a focus on providing knowledge and training for the health of rural and metro general practitioners.

The process to become a General Practitioner in Australia:

  1. The educational institution provides two alternatives for students who have the desire to be a GP. They have a choice to start the medical program in high school or after the competition of a bachelor’s degree. The majority of the students opt to pursue medical studies after achieving a bachelor’s degree. 
  2. Prepare for GAMSAT and give an application for admission to the medical and health program in a renowned university. The universities have set a specific range of scores to acquire admission after GAMSAT. The students having a qualifying score on GAMSAT and good grades have the opportunity to face an interview to pursue the Doctor of Medicine. 
  3. The selected students will step ahead in their careers for an intense study of a 4-year course in Doctor of Medicine. The universities have a double-degree provisional course in Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine.
  4. The students have to then proceed to an internship in a public hospital for a period of 47 weeks after completion of a medical degree course. They have to prepare an application that can be quickly conducted online for provisional registration in the AMB in order to finish the Supervision year, six weeks prior to completion of a medical degree course. 
  5. It is necessary to gain a general medical registration from the Australian Medical Board post-completion of the internship period. It is mandatory for the existing practitioners to renew their registration annually to keep the practice in active mode. Foreign students are needed to complete supervised practice for one year in Australia to gain general medical registration.
  6. Further, a minimum of 1-year prevocational training is required ahead of specialized programs, and the duration of the training program may vary depending on the specialization you select.
  7. Complete the admission procedure for a specialized training program from discrete colleges like the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.
  8. After the completion of a specialized training program, it is possible to achieve a fellowship through a specialized medical training program. Hence, it will be the step to practice medicine on an independent basis as a surgeon, a general practitioner, or a specialized physician.

Final Words   

To pursue a career as a general practitioner in Australia is a tedious and time-consuming journey that requires ultimate patience in addition to a passion for pursuing medicine. The career of a general practitioner is appreciated and in demand in Australia.

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