How to Add Flavor to Your Dull-Looking Home Ceiling 

How to Add Flavor to Your Dull-Looking Home Ceiling
How to Add Flavor to Your Dull-Looking Home Ceiling

Usually, our ceiling is an ignored part of our home’s interior. But the thing is that our ceiling is the most eye-catching area of our home. By the way, in this article, you’ll get satisfying ideas that will help you in glorifying your ceiling. Read on.

Impression of adorning your ceilings

Sometimes, ceilings go unnoticed, but still, it’s a part of your home’s interior. Decorated ceilings can boost your home’s market value. It can be easier to rent your house. Moreover, a faded ceiling can affect you and your home badly. So, it’s important to furnish your ceiling if you want to furnish your home.

Here are some tips that may help you.

Paint your ceiling

Painting your ceiling is a very simple but great idea. It will give life to your ceiling. Solid colors are not the only option. There is a lot of ceiling paint choice in the market. You can also try patterns. 

You can go for dark paints too. They provide your room with warmth. However, go for dark-hued paints with lighter walls to make your room look smaller. It will make your room cozier.

Install ceiling accessories 

Ceiling medallions can be an innovative idea. It will add charm to your ceiling. Also, a chandelier can steal your vision. It should be decorative if the space is wide. You can go for a simple one if it is small. Adding ceiling roses to your ceilings can be a good fit. 

Here are some other accessories:

  • Double spring clips
  • Gypsum channel
  • Soffit cleat
  • Fiberglass tape
  • Anchor fasteners
  • GI wire
  • Gypsum screw
  • Glue-on or staple-on ceiling

Best color combinations

You can go for a gold medallion with a purple ceiling. If you want a clean and simple look, go for a white ceiling. If you want your room to look bigger, a light color ceiling with dark walls can meet your needs. 

Tomato red ceiling with a chandelier can produce a rich glow at night. A faintly yellow color with the undertones of blue can coordinate with the color plate of your walls. Matching walls and ceilings can enhance the beauty of your room.

Avoid popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings, also known as cottage cheese ceilings, are textured, stucco ceilings, and many more. Yes, these ceilings were indeed very popular between the 1950s. But in today’s time, they don’t have any position. 

These popcorn ceilings have some imperfections and are out of trend now. So, avoiding these types of ceilings is a wiser thought. 

‘‘Wooden ceiling’’, a good option

Today’s homeowners prefer wooden planks to their ceilings. Prefab panels, cubes, acoustic sound-absorbing designs, and waffles are also included in new designs. There are two types of wooden installments, the first is quarter sliced, and the other is rift-sliced wood veneer or plain sliced.

Sawn solid wood and groove ceilings or variants on wood tiles are the most expensive wooden ceiling ideas.

Here are some types of wooden ceilings that will make your interior shine:

  1. Solids
  2. Quarter-sawn vertical grain or quarter sliced
  3. Rift-sliced or rift-sawn vertical grain
  4. Plain sliced or plain sawn flat grain

Mistakes to avoid while decorating ceilings

  • Using recessed and excess lighting is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make while furnishing their ceilings. So, avoid it.
  • Usually, some people color their whole interior with the same color. Remember, it will make your ceiling boring and also old-fashioned.
  • Not removing your popcorn ceiling is also a very serious mistake. 
  • Some people don’t consider the proportions of their room, and it may seem inevitable that your ceiling is not in proportion to the other things. 
  • Forgetting about the acoustics is also not good. People don’t care much about acoustics regarding ceilings, but it is also an essential element.

Final Thoughts

A ceiling is considered the largest area of our living. We shouldn’t ignore our ceiling because the charm of our interior depends on the ceiling. We shouldn’t underestimate this. A ceiling should be inviting and aesthetic.

There are a lot of designs on the market. You can also make it by hand. Go for innovative and charming ideas for your ceiling. Remember, a home’s ceiling is the most eye-catching area of a room. So, decorate it and invest time in it. 

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