How do you put a graphic design on a t-shirt?

How do you put a graphic design on a t-shirt?

If you are thinking of creating a custom graphic design for a t-shirt, you have many options. Some options include using a smart template, printing your design in the shape of a t-shirt, and more. This article will cover the basics of creating a simple design and printing it on a t-shirt. Ultimately, you’ll want to use a layered file to create a high-quality design that will fit well on your t-shirt.

Simple designs

For a simple design on a t-shirt, keep it simple. The human eye is limited to a certain amount of information at a time, so make sure the design is balanced. You can also use the concept of breaking through the frame when designing a T-shirt, and it adds visual interest and pulls the subject forward. 

Mockup your design on a model t-shirt before you make it final. This way, you can check whether the design will look good on a t-shirt. Try to find a mockup image of the same design in a plain shirt. You can use it to check for scale, spacing, and other details. Check with your printing company if they offer a tool for mockups.

Another method of designing a t-shirt is by combining text and illustration. You can incorporate an illustration or play around with a few different typefaces and letter colours. Whether you choose a font or illustration, consider how legibility will be an issue. When choosing the font, choose one that sets the mood. Selecting a colour palette is essential because it sets the mood of your design. You can go simple or get fancy and use colours representing your personality or brand.

Using a smart template

One of the best ways to get a print-ready t-shirt design is to use a digital mockup. You can find a large collection of mockups online for as little as $16 per month. These templates feature high-quality textures and can be edited to create an accurate representation of your design. You can also choose to print your design in multiple sizes so that potential buyers can see it in various colour combinations.

You can download free templates and use them to create a mockup in image editing software to make your design. Most of these templates come in PSD format, so you need to have Photoshop to open them. This template lets you import and export a t-shirt template in various colours and styles. You can then upload your design to an online store, sell it, or even print it yourself.

Creating layered files

To begin, create the layered file by using Photoshop. It will make the whole process of adding your graphic design easier. You can use tools from, which contain tutorials and resources to help you create vectors. Once you have the file, you can use it to place the graphic on a t-shirt. Make sure to choose the correct colour for the design.

You can dim the image 50% and lock individual layers. You can also create a new layer, name it, and lock it. You can also choose the brush weight of your design, ranging from ultra-fine to bold. This step is essential in creating a high-quality t-shirt. If you do not want any gaps or other problems during printing, you should ensure your graphic design is not too large.

To create a Star Wars T-Shirts design, you should prepare your graphic design in a layered format. This way, you can make changes and ensure the design will look its best on the T-shirt. For instance, if you want a logo to be printed in high-quality colours, you should use a higher-resolution graphic file, making it appear more vibrant.

Printing a graphic design on a t-shirt

Screen printing is a popular option for printing on t-shirts, and it has numerous benefits and is a viable option for small-scale businesses and artists. Unlike screen printing, airbrush printing can be more intricate, and it can also use stencils and work as a replacement for screen printing. If you aim for a high-quality print for a low-volume order, screen printing is best.

Another relevant printing method is direct-to-film printing, which offers a variety of options for its printers such as the Prestige XL2 DTF printer. Direct-to-film printing combines the precision of screen printing with the ability to achieve intricate designs like airbrush printing. This makes it an ideal choice for small-scale businesses and artists who seek high-quality prints for low-volume orders without compromising on detail.

Creating your brand of apparel can be a rewarding experience. Unlike the ‘drag-and-drop’ art file, designing a unique design is essential to creating a successful print. You can differentiate yourself from other t-shirt printing services and build a loyal fan base with a customized design. You can also choose to print a design on a t-shirt if it matches your brand’s style or brand.