Starting The Morning With CBD Gummies

Who would have thought that our old school favorite treat (after sandwiches) would become part of our adult morning routines, but it is true. Gummies are paving the way forward for diets, nutrition, and a healthier lifestyle around the world and you can be part of it too. 

But, alas, they are not identical to the childhood versions covered in sticky sugar and filled with naughty goodness, now we have the best paired with natural and organic ingredients making them that much better. The innovation of infusing gummies and all shapes with a natural plant compound ingredient, CBD, has changed the lives of people globally. 

The question everyone asks having heard about this organic ingredient that is grown naturally is how a product related to the marijuana family can be a good thing, and we’ll tell you why. 

A great ingredient.

Yes you heard right that the plant compound is related to the marijuana family, and this is because Hemp comes from the Cannabis Sativa family tree line and has two main components that make up its genetics, CBD and THC (learn more about their differences here,high%20while%20CBD%20will%20not). We are more focused on the Cannabidiol compound as it is the safest and most versatile of the two. 

THC is extracted from the plant – leaving us with the good CBD – as it gives recreational users the euphoric feeling and gets them ‘high’ when they smoke or eat it in an edible. This is not what you want for your health or your family if CBD becomes part of the home meal plan (ethically extracted CBD is safe for consumption by all ages and demographics, including pets). 

Cannabidiol is great because it is highly versatile and can essentially be infused with and added to all sorts of meals, recipes, or drinks, and which is why the gummy version is proving so popular. Your kids will have no complaints eating a gummy bear each morning with their breakfast and all the while reaping the health benefits it has to offer, win-win.

Morning routine advantages.

Popping a CBD-infused jelly shaped dewdrop into your mouth as you head out the door to work has more positives than we realize, it sets you up for a great day, every day, so let’s take a look at what some of the positives are and how you can enjoy them too when using Cannabidiol as part of your morning routine. 

  • Energy. The muscles in the body are functioning optimally when using CBD as the internal systems are regulated and maintained to increase homeostasis thus the lethargic aspect is non-existent. You can work harder for longer without exerting yourself or resorting to generic, chemically-filled prescriptions. 
  • Mood. Starting the day on the right foot can set the tone and if you have ever woken up smiling you will know that the day goes smoother than others, with CBD a regular addition to your breakfast you could wake up feeling great all the time. It enhances overall morale and balances with your mind and concentration for improved positivity.

Take a moment to click here and discover not only the mental positives but a more in-depth look at how CBD can significantly target other areas of the mind and body for the better.

  • Skincare. If you are already an early riser you could, like many people, take your CBD gummy after brushing your teeth while finishing your morning face routine. It is absorbed quickly into the body and you can arrive at work glowing and feeling great, what’s not to love?

Morning mental health.

Feeling good in the morning is important to make it through the day, and life is too short to be in a negative mood, right? To keep you focused and concentrated on the glass being half full take a look at gummies as a natural choice rather than an over-the-counter supplement, and if you don’t feel like it is working for you or you don’t notice any change then you can always stop, but no one does. 

We are always looking to improve our lives, mentally, physically, and even emotionally and toxins or preservatives found in mass-produced supermarket foods are not the healthiest of options. 

You want organic, free-range, and ingredients that come from nature. This way you have peace of mind that the natural chemical balance in your body is not altered or having to change to accommodate unnatural products, you need something that works ‘with’ your body not your body changing to accept it.

A final comment.

Irrespective of whether you start the day with a quick Cannabidiol-infused gummy drop or opt to have it at lunch or on your tea break, or even melt it into the pot of the dinner you’re making the main objective is to make it part of your routine and schedule.

Naturally, a morning pick-me-up will get the wheels turning, the mind engaged to head the board meeting, or close those all-important deals you have been working on for so long and, it’s easier than you first anticipated. 

The last point to note is that they come in a handy and compact-sized packaging making it quick and convenient to throw into your bag to have later on in the day if you are running late, so you don’t have to feel disappointed you couldn’t get your daily dose of CBD. Now, you have no excuse, not that you’ll want one.

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