6 Reasons for Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company | Fly Light Traps Overview

6 Reasons for Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company | Fly Light Traps Overview

Why Use a Company for Pest Control?

Teachers, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, etc. Because they are all experts in their respective fields, these guys are well-known. In a similar vein, hiring professionals is preferable for pest control services. We shouldn’t do our own pest management, just as we wouldn’t want to handle our own plumbing.

Selecting expert pest control services can occasionally be a little difficult. With so many alternatives available, we frequently believe we can handle things on our own. We don’t know which pesticides work best for different types of pests. We are also not specialists in determining the proper usage and dosage of these pesticides. We’ll explain why using expert pest control services is preferable nowadays.

6 Reasons for Using Expert Pest Control Services

1. Making Your Family Secure

Every insect, including cockroaches and mosquitoes, has specific risks and/or illnesses. It is advised that you hire a professional pest control service to help you and your family avoid these risks and health problems.

2. Recognizing the Pests

Professionals in pest control inspect your properties to identify the issue before using poisons. We occasionally could not be aware of what is afflicting or biting us at night. These folks really do! Additionally, they design the best strategies to address the problem when they have identified it.

3. Property Damage Control

Termites, rats, and wood borers are examples of insects that cause more damage than merely endanger your family members. They harm the furnishings and walls of your home. Termite damage may cost up to millions of dollars annually worldwide, as you may already be aware. Employ expert termite pest control services to stop the damage before it becomes too big.

4. Conserves Time

Nowadays, it’s hard for the average person to find time for themselves, especially in crowded cities. not to mention his house and family. It becomes challenging to find the time to come up with DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control methods under such circumstances. In this sense, hiring a professional pest control service is also beneficial. A pest control provider will arrive at your house quickly after you make a reservation. Additionally, the pest control treatments don’t require much time.

5. Tranquilly of mind

You’ll know there aren’t any cockroaches searching your kitchen for food when you go to sleep at night. You are aware that your parents, children, and/or pets are not at risk for serious illnesses like dengue and malaria. Because there are no longer any bed bugs on your pillows or mattresses, you can really sleep. A professional pest control service may offer significant benefits, the most important being a shift in mindset and increased self-assurance.

6. Years of Work Experience

This is what separates the top pest control companies from the neighborhood and amateur ones. Businesses like Envirobug have spent years conducting research and developing new products. We are now Australia’s top pest control and house cleaning brand, and we can say it with pride. There aren’t many unhappy clients to date, and our services are available in all of the nation’s main cities.

Fly Light Traps

Many pests, including flies, moths, and even beetles, are lured to lights. While some pests, such some species of cockroaches, like smokey-brown cockroaches, are drawn to light, most flying insects will congregate around a source of light. Light may be used to catch and kill these bothersome bugs, yet it can also be an annoyance on a peaceful evening spent on the porch.

For more than a century, fly light traps, also known as insect light traps (ILTs), have been utilized as a method of pest management. Even though the primary means of capturing flies in the early days of fly trapping were candles and white-light bulbs, fly traps technology has since advanced. Nowadays, the majority of fly light traps use adhesive boards to catch and kill insects after drawing them in with UV light.

Work of Fly Light Traps?

For many years, ultraviolet fly light traps have been a tried-and-true technique of controlling pests. The fly light trap bulbs generate UV rays that draw flies and other pests towards the trap. The flies are then either shocked, which might cause insects to burst and spray their body parts many feet from the zapper, or they are stuck in a coating of glue, depending on whether the trap employs sticky glue-boards or high-voltage electricity. An area in the bottom of fly light traps that run on electricity is used to collect dead insects.

The US National Library of Medicine concluded that being near fly light traps would expose people to UV-A radiation that “would be far less than the typical UV-A exposure in the outdoor environment,” despite disagreements over the safety of utilizing fly light traps in public spaces.

Fly Light Trap Types

Fly light traps are not made equally. A fly light trap’s ability to eradicate an infestation may vary depending on how the infected space is laid up. You can get assistance from a pest control specialist with the right choice and positioning of light traps.

Install on a wall

Since flies often move at a height of three to five feet above the floor, wall-mounted fly light traps are frequently positioned at this height. Fly light traps of this kind are usually most effective for businesses in the hospitality and medical sectors that require ongoing assistance with controlling flying insects. Wall-mounted fly light traps can be useful for catching and killing flies and other flying insects, provided that they are positioned with caution close to doors or windows and at least five feet away from any areas where food is prepared.

Wall sconce

A wall sconce is situated about six feet above the floor, just like a fly light trap that is hung on the wall. However, because these fly light traps are ornamental, they are ideal for catching flies in busy public business spaces, such as waiting rooms at hospitals and restaurants.

Installed in the ceiling

Although the majority of flies stay dormant throughout the night, a variety of flying pests can be captured with ceiling-mounted fly light traps. Usually, these traps are positioned 6 inches over piles of non-food items, or at least 8 feet above the ground. Fly light traps set on the ceiling are better than those mounted on the wall in houses or offices with small passageways because the flies are kept below eye level.


More flexibility is available to homeowners and business owners who may want pest treatment in many rooms with freestanding fly light traps. Depending on where the infestation is most severe, these movable traps may be placed between shelves and countertops. However, while setting up portable traps, greater caution should be used. Portable fly light traps have the potential to attract undesirable pests to high-traffic areas if they are put in irresponsibly.

A fly light trap’s effectiveness may be determined by a variety of factors, including its placement and intensity. When installing fly light traps, large food processing plants will need to use a very different approach than a single-family house.

You can rely on our services for dependable and efficient pest control in Fort Lauderdale to keep undesirable pests out of your house or place of business. Thanks & Regards

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