Laxmi Shrushti Review

Laxmi Shrushti Review

I wanted to find a good neighborhood where I could reside close to my job because I’m new to Mumbai. I made the right decision when I purchased a flat in Laxmi Shrushti. Modern housing technologies were used to construct the beautiful Laxmi Shrushti project. Here, I fulfilled my goal of living peacefully and easily. You can start this lovely and private experience by buying this apartment. 127 units of 1, 1.5, and 2-BHK homes are included in the 0.5-acre project.

Reason For Buying an Apartment And How I Discovered Laxmi Shrushti 

I looked for a home for several months after moving to Mumbai. I discovered a spacious, modest apartment that fit my budget. It was pure luck that we found this property at the right time. I found the Laxmi Shrushti brochure thanks to a commercial. This property had every feature my family and I searched for in a home. Laxmi Shrushti, a premier residential development in the center of Mumbai, will astound you with its exquisite architecture and cutting-edge amenities. Laxmi Shrushti apartments are roomy and airy, built to house all your memories, so have a home that treasures your past while making room for your future! 

Top-Notch Laxmi Srushti Amenities

An apartment should make you feel at home, and that cozy sense of kinship is achieved when you have access to various amenities in a welcoming setting. At Laxmi Shrushti, your new residence, you will have access to some of the finest amenities available today. Because exquisite living doesn’t get any better than this when you’re at Laxmi Shrushti, I make sure to show off your aesthetically pleasing home, tidy and green surroundings, and opulent lifestyle. 

These houses offer 24-hour security, industry-standard compliance fire safety measures, and CCTV surveillance, so I don’t have to worry about the safety and well-being of my loved ones. There is a clubhouse, community centre, and a place for indoor activities that are perfect for socializing and entertainment. You’ll find me during leisure hours on the jogging path and gym. 

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend You Buy A House In Laxmi Shrushti 


The location of a property and how close it is to important business centres are a few of the many criteria that make it worthwhile to own one. You will live close to all the IT hubs, educational and recreational centers, markets, and city monuments if you choose Laxmi Shrushti as your home. Traveling will seem luxurious because Laxmi Shrushti offers you a variety of options for public transportation.

Within five to six minutes, you can reach the bus stops at the Goregaon Bus Station and the Bangur Nagar Police Chowky. Within 8–15 minutes are the train stations in Goregaon and Malad. KKT International and Singhi Hospital may be reached in 6–10 minutes. Within 6-14 minutes are VIBGYOR High School, Oberoi International School – OGC Campus, and other reputable schools.


I was on a tight budget. I’m happy I chose to purchase the Laxmi Shrushti apartment because it provides such a lovely location at a reasonable cost. The price range for Laxmi Shrushti is between 1.52 and 1.88 crores. Anyone looking for the best benefits on a tight budget should choose this property. My investment in the two-bedroom apartment was Rs. 1.73 crores.


For me, the builder is important before buying a property. Laxmi Developers, a pioneer and top developer of excellent real estate projects, has regularly delivered strong and spectacular residential developments for the past few years. Laxmi Developers works to bring happiness and grandeur into the life of each of its customers with the support of a dedicated team of professionals that share its vision and objective. Today, Laxmi Developers is recognized for designing cutting-edge structures that set themselves apart and inspire buyers with confidence and trust.

Goregaon may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but I simply love the vibe, people and the parks in the locality. I have always wanted to stay near the film-city area of Mumbai and hence everyone in my family is happy with my decision to buy an apartment in Laxmi Shrushti! Like me, if you are also looking for properties in Mumbai, do visit and check verified information about various projects in the city. 

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