6 Common Misconceptions About Depression You Should Ignore

6 Common Misconceptions About Depression You Should Ignore

Depression is a common mental health disorder that can be overcome. A simple Depression Quiz will let you know if you are likely suffering from depression. While it’s not a clinical diagnosis, it is a tool that can help you plan to manage your symptoms. 

The problem is that depression has been stigmatized in our society, and people often find it difficult to ask for help. There are also a lot of misconceptions surrounding this disorder. Depression is a mental health disorder that needs better understood, so let’s explore some of the most common myths. 

Genetics Doesn’t Play A Part

This is a big one. People often assume that depression just hits and it has nothing to do with genetics. Studies show that depression is a combination of genetic and experiential components. That means if a family member suffers from depression, you are more likely to suffer from depression yourself. The closer the family member, the greater risk you endure. 

The good news is that those familiar with depression are more likely to recognize the symptoms. They may even be more likely to complete a simple Depression Quiz. Recognizing the symptoms of depression and making lifestyle changes is half the battle. 

Medication is the Only Way to Manage Depression

This is just simply untrue. Medications may be the way of the past, but science has advanced. Now we know that medications can sometimes be part of the answer, and sometimes they aren’t necessary at all. Symptoms of depression can often be managed with simple lifestyle changes, counseling, or even both. Depression does not equal medication. 

Depression is All in Your Head

Depression is not all in your head. It is a mental health disorder that requires treatment. Depression will not just go away on its own. It requires more than an attitude adjustment. A quick Depression Quiz can let you know if you or someone you know may be suffering from this mental health disorder. If so, there are many treatment tools at your disposal.

It’s a result of a Trauma.

Trauma does not cause depression, but it can uncover an underlying issue. Everyone handles trauma differently. If mild symptoms of depression already exist, trauma can bring those symptoms to the surface or even make them worse. Depression is a mental health disorder that can exist with or without trauma. 

It’s’ Not a Big Deal

Depression is most certainly a big deal, mild or otherwise. This mental health disorder can lead to suicidal thoughts or worse. Untreated depression often causes people to isolate themselves, start conflicts, and engage in risky behavior. Depression is a mental health disorder that requires treatment and support, but the symptoms can be managed. If you think you or someone you know may be depressed, consider taking an online Depression Quiz. 

Depression is Just Feeling Sad

This is a common misconception. You can feel sad without interruptions in your sleep patterns. You can feel sad for many different reasons, but sad feelings pass. Being depressed and feeling sad are two different things. Depression is like sadness that doesn’t go away which probably contributes to the misunderstanding. 

Don’t Ignore the Results of a Depression Quiz

An online Depression Quiz is non-invasive, but it is worded carefully. The questions are engineered to draw out the information necessary to determine if someone may be suffering from depression. Depression isn’t a fleeting feeling that will go away. It requires treatment. If you have a family member who suffers from depression, chances are higher that you could, too. Don’t ignore the symptoms. If you feel you may have depression, take an online Depression Quiz to find out. The symptoms can be managed. 

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