Pacman 30th Anniversary Game Deatils

What is a Google Doodle?

Google doodles are made for fun. They have a surprise element and have impulsive changes that are implemented to the Google logo to celebrate an event, a holiday, or famous personalities. It was first launched in 1998 and has been loved since then.

Doodles are the creation of a team of engineers who work hard to bring out the new element. Doodles have become an integral part of Google, and they come up with interactive games to play and explore more about the doodle subject.

They have entertained us with the celebration of various occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Moon’s 50th landing anniversary, and so on. The Pacman’s 40th-anniversary doodle was a creation by Google engineer Ryan Germick. The doodle can be played like a classic game with power pellets and ghost characters.

The first doodle initiated by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page marked the Burning Man festival. There have been more than 4000 doodles since then on the different Google homepages all over the globe. The doodles are made by Google designers, and sometimes, they are also created by an external firm.

The Pacman 40th anniversary doodle was a creation of Namco, the Japanese entertainment firm that created the Pacman video game. They are generally attractive in appearance and are interactive. They add up brief information about the subject of the displayed Doodle. For instance, Pacman’s 40th-anniversary doodle had a brief article about the game’s history.

The baseball doodle was created to celebrate the 151st birthday of famous baseball player Wilbur Scoville. It has a circle that circulates, and the player has to click on it to stop it. Google also created Ms. Doodle.

The Pacman doodle redirects to the Google Pacman game. They are also co-related. For instance, the celebration of Earth Day doodle was in co-relation to the Ocean Project. They are designed as static ones and in animation mode. They are mostly designed to serve as entertainment factors for every age group.

Google Doodle Pacman 30th anniversary celebration:

The team of designers created a doodle for Pacman 30th anniversary celebration. They made the doodle to re-create the memories of the iconic Pacman game. It celebrates the history of the iconic game and involves the Easter eggs fun factor in the game as well for the fans.

The Pacman doodle was meant to be the playable version of the iconic video game. It was also induced in the Google Maps and can be noticed if it is zoomed in the Maps section, providing the views of the streets in the Pacman maze version.

The Pacman doodle was intended to bring the knowledge of the game’s history to their inquisitive fans. The doodle had the assembly of the game on their Google logo along with the ghosts traveling around the logo. The Pacman video game was first introduced on 22nd May, 1980 in Japan and achieved a huge welcome from fans all over the globe.

The game turned out to be an addiction to the users, yet being so simple. The original arcade game disappointed the fans and was modified in the new version of Pac-Mania with a new entertaining layout and a HUD for players’ progress. The design of the maze was done as per 16:9 screen vision, which helped to play the game better in the original size. The doodle designers made the perfect recreation of the pixels of the original game in the Pacman doodle.

YouTube video

Google has had a unique way to celebrate the occasions with the creative doodles for years. Their special collection of doodles includes doodles for World Cup, Olympics, and various other sport events, along with graceful affairs like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and April Fools’ Day. The Pacman Doodle was made with an intent to celebrate the iconic classic game that served entertainment for people of all generations for years.

It gives a reminder of how entertaining video games can be for us! The Pacman doodle was made with a playable version of the original classic video game on 22 May 2010. Takashi Murakami, a Japanese designer, created the vibrant, colorful, and poopy version of the Pacman game in the doodle form. It was too much loved by the fans, with more than 1 billion views in a span of a few days.

It gained high popularity resulting which Google releasing the Android version of the popular video game. The simple game created an addiction to the game to play around from just minutes to a few hours even. The game was made intending to create awareness regarding malnutrition and hunger. It gave information regarding the hunger facts and information about the fight for hunger every time the player ate the dot in the video game.

Pacman Download and Play Pacman on the 30th Anniversary on PC!

Pacman has been introduced again by the Google Doodle to be free from boredom. It was meant to provide entertainment to people of all ages during this Covid-19 pandemic breakout. You should try playing this vintage video game once!

How to download and play on PC?

  • Firstly, download BlueStacks and install it on your PC.
  • In the second step, search Pacman in the search bar.
  • Install Pacman upon finding it.
  • Complete the procedure of sign-in and finish the installation.
  • After completion, click on the Pacman icon and begin to play.

pacman 30th anniversary game full screen

How to play Pacman on Google Maps?

Google inaugurated the Easter egg on 1st April 2017, which validates you to play Pacman on Google maps. To enjoy this feature, follow the steps:

pacman maps

  1. Initially, head to Google Maps and select the Pacman Google Doodle icon on the left corner at the bottom of Google maps.
  2. Selection of the Pacman Doodle icon will lead you to the zoomed section in Google Maps with multiple roads. Here the game can be played in the road mode, and also, it can be switched to another display mode.

Google Pacman 30th Anniversary Gameplay

  • It is very easy to play the game. The Pacman eats up the fruits and the dots in the maze and has to refrain from the ghosts.
  • The game will allow you 3 lives and 10000 bonus points.
  • The game becomes more challenging at the start of 255 levels.
  • The ghosts can be neutralized by the power pallets located on the 4 edges of the maze.
  • The ghosts can be eaten with the use of a power pallet. With the time span, the ghost eating time reduces.
  • Once the ghosts increase their speed, the real challenging part is the wise moves are to be taken.

What is Level 256?

The Pacman level 256 is called the Kill Screen, as it is the split-screen version of the game on reaching this level. The right-side game version would turn into a mess of various fruits and turn the level really hard.

The Pacman Ghosts:

There are 4 different color ghosts, namely:

  1. Orange- Pokey (US), Otoboke (Japan)
  2. Pink- Speedy (US), Machibuse (Japan)
  3. Cyan- Bashful (US), Kimagure (Japan)
  4. Red- Shadow(US), Oitake (Japan)

FAQS – Google Doodle celebrates Pacman 30th Anniversary

When did Google celebrate Pacman 30th Anniversary?

  • Goggle celebrated it on 22nd May 2010 by the team of designers with the new Pacman Doodle.

The Pacman 30th Anniversary Doodle game is made up of how many levels?

  • It has 256 levels in the game, with the last level posting a real challenge on the user and is named the Kill Screen level.

How much is the highest score achieved in the game?

  • The maximum possible Pacman game score that can be attained is 3,333,360. Billy Mitchell holds the record and is yet to be broken.

Is there a hack for the Google Doodle Pacman?

  • There are no Pacman 30th anniversary cheats to complete the game at ease. There is no possibility to get doodle Pacmans 30th Anniversary hacked. There

What is the method to Play Pacman’s 30th Anniversary Game?

YouTube video

Can Pacman be played as a 2 player game?

  • The Pacman 30th Anniversary 2-player mode can be accessed. Just select the ‘insert coin’ option to begin the game. Select the option again to play as a 2-player game as the game starts. It allows to play along with a friend or to compete with the computer. In the 2-player mode, the Pacman is controlled by the individuals, while in the game against the computer, the single player will control both of them.

What is Pacman 99? Can it be played with friends?

  • It is a battle game developed on 7th April 2021 by the Nintendo Switch Online service. It allows 99 users to play at a time like Tetris 99. To play the game with your friends, in the main menu, select the option ‘Private Game,’ and it allows you to play along with your friends.

Can you eat the ghosts in Pacman?

  • The ghosts in the game can be eaten up by activating the power pellets on the edges of the maze.

What is the number of pellets in Pacman?

  • It has a total of 240 pellets in the game, and upon eating each pellet, the Pacman gets slower.

Which is the last level in the Pacman?

  • Level 256, known as The Kill Screen, is the game’s last level. There is no level 257 in the Pacman 30th Anniversary Full Screen. The pop-up of Game Over will appear after completing level 256 with the message Congratulations!

Which is the latest Pacman?

  • The latest Pacman game is Edition 2 + Pacman Championship, which comprises 3D graphics with a high resolution. It is currently with the Nintendo Switch.

Is beating Pacman 30th anniversary possible?

  • The last level of the game, level 256, is hard to accomplish with the split-screen mode on the final level of the Pacman 30th anniversary game full screen.

When was the 40th Pacman 30th anniversary celebrated?


  • It was celebrated for the entire year 2020, and it ended in the year 2021.

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