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Fox News Producer Jennifer Rauchet

Who is Jennifer Rauchet and Read Bio?

In 1980, a businessman and a housewife, were gifted with an angel of a baby girl, whom they christened as Jennifer. They had the faintest of ideas that Jennifer would become one of the leading women to have scaled the heights of corporate ladder of success! Meet Jennifer, an Aquarian by her Zodiac sign, was born to a wonderful couple on 30th January! Currently doing the rounds of the internet news and chat channels galore, she has garnered fame and fortune as the executive producer of Fox News! Her career chronology has spanned over many years as of today, with many achievements and epochs tied to her name!

Currently residing in Holmdel, New Jersey, Fox News Producer Jennifer Rauchet age defies most of her women contemporaries, around 41 years of age! She looks marvelously beautiful, probably the reason what caught Pete Hegseth’s romantic eyes! Pete Hegseth & Jennifer Rauchet are a couple, of which Pete is Jennifer’s second husband till date, and Jennifer is Pete’s third wife!

The limelight on her and Pete Hegseth shined brighter when they set off on rosy romance whilst working together for Fox News. They began dating in 2016, while Pete was still married to Samantha Deering, setting off a glitzy extra-marital affair!

After Pete Hegseth got divorced from Samantha Deering, he proposed to Rauchet, and on the 16th day of June of 2019, they got engaged to each other! Without much ado, and wasting time, within a span of 3 months Pete and Jennifer planned and arranged for their marriage ceremony and got married at the Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck, New Jersey, United States, on the 16th day of August of 2019! Rauchet and Pete Hegseth entered into holy matrimony on the August of 2019! 

Jennifer Rauchet net worth

Jennifer Rauchet net worth of $1 and substantial salary from Fox News, and Pete Hegseth’s estimated net worth of $3 million

How Old Is Jennifer Rauchet?

Her complete name being Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet, she stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a lithesome and slim frame for a 41-year-old lady, weighing in at only 52 Kilos! She is a highly active person at her workplace, much like an athlete on the run! She is known for spontaneity and fresh ideas for all of her team mates, given her extensive experience in the TV News industry!

Who is Pete Hegseth’s wife?

Well, currently for Pete Brian Hegseth, it is Jennifer, his third spouse in matrimony, after him divorcing his second wife Samantha Deering in 2017. He was married to Meredith Schwartz from 2004 to 2009, and to Samantha Deering from 2010 to 2017. An army veteran, Pete has served in the Iraq war, and also has been a former Army National Guard Officer after which, Pete turned to pursue a career as an American Television host and author!

How many kids does Pete hegseth have?

To begin with, Pete had no kids from his first wife, Meredith Schwarz, and were married until 2009. When he married Samantha Deering, in 2010 and made her his second wife, they began filling up their brood, with three children over a period of 7 years! Amidst all of his personal life with Deering, Pete began an extra-marital affair with Jennifer Rauchet (Fox News), which was revealed eventually, along with the news that he had borne a daughter child with her, while still being married to Samantha Deering!

Following the revelation, Samantha Deering filed for an immediate divorce with Pete Hegseth in 2017! Jennifer, on the other hand of the story, brought in her three young kids from her first husband, and previous marriage! 

Are Pete Hegseth’s children all his?

Asa doting father, Pete loves all of the Seven (Yes, 7!) kids and teenagers, i.e. children running around his home! Though by numbers, he has bred three boys Pete had three sons christened Boone, Rex, and Gunner from Samantha Deering (Hegson), and one little baby girl born through Jennifer, who was born on the 13th Day of August of 2017! Even before they got married, Pete had bred a girl child, named Gwen, with Jennifer! The remaining three kids, of which two boys named Jackson and Luke respectively, and a girl named Kenzie, are borne through her first husband, whose details are not revealed to the public to date! 

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What Does Pete Hegseth Tattoo Say?

With a deep meaning hidden behind those dark lines, Pete Hegseth has those tattoos drawn on his body to convey and depict his views and thoughts on views he has formed through the experiences of his life! The tattoos comprise a design that is drawn on the arm of a favorite basketball player. Later on, he went for tattooing a cross made using a sword image on his arm, followed by a weapons tattoo of an AR-15! He was allotted an AR-15 during his service posting in the Iran War! He is a devout Christian, explaining his desire for a Cross-shaped tattoo on his arm.

How old is Jesse Watters?

As a Political commentator on Fox News and an American Conservative, Jesse Watters is currently 43 years old! He a colleague of Pete Hegseth, and an employee of Jennifer Rauchet on Fox News!

Does Jennifer Rauchet Still Work At Fox?

As of today, Yes! She is still posted and functioning daily as the Executive Producer of Fox & Friends and Watters World!

Is Jennifer Rauchet Still On Fox And Friends    

Yes, she has a long history with Fox and Friends, as well as Watters World shows, and continues being their Executive Producer till date!

Is Pete Hegseth Getting Married To Jennifer Rauchet?

Actually, Pete Hegseth & Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet have been married to each other on the 23rd day of August of 2019!  It has been over 2 years since they got married! 

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