Finn Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Child, Birthday, Age, Parents

Finn Cumberbatch: Benedict Cumberbatch Child, Birthday, Age, Parents
Exclusive Benedict Cumberbatch spotted in Hampstead heath high street with his new baby Christopher and his is wife heads back home after shopping. Pic TillenDove 180915

Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays the amazing character in the Doctor Strange movie series, is atrue entertainer and a loving father of Finn Cumberbatch. He got into a married relationship with English theatre and opera director Sophie Hunter in 2015, and the duo is blessed with three lovely children. Grab more information about Benedict Cumberbatch and his three young children.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Cumberbatch’s three young children

In the entertainment industry, especially TV series and movies, Benedict has moved along his own path. He has shown his strong character appearance in various big-budget movies, which include the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War and the Oscar-winning entertainer The Power of the Dog, directed by Jane Campion. He plays the lead role in the Doctor Strange series.

The Hollywood sensation has three children from his prior relationships. He has three young children with his loving wife, Sophie. He has his own band of followers: his three sons named Christopher Carlton, Hal Auden, and Finn Cumberbatch.

What roles does Benedict prefer to be cast in the coming times?

The Hollywood celebrity Benedict stated in an interview with Good Morning Britain to have the desire to set an ideal example for his children by adapting children-friendly roles in the near future. He added that he is willing that his children should have knowledge of what he did to survive, but it is not possible always due to film certification, and they will be much more aged by the time frame they will be able to have a look at it!

He further added that indeed he has achieved success in doing a bit, but there is a bit more he can pursue in the near future. He emphasized taking up roles that are more children-friendly in the coming times.

Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch

Benedict and Sophie Cumberbatch were blessed with their 1st child, a baby boy, on 1st June 2015. Christopher came in the life of a happy couple as their first child. His middle name Carlton was from the inspiration of his grandfather’s name. He is 6 years old and is acquainted with answering “Kit” at his residence.

He further explained the importance of family values to kit when he was just one year old. He added that understanding the morals of family keeps him grounded and adopts kind behavior. The celebrity actor from Uncivil War stated in an interview about Leave Vote, “I have a new family and the dear ones who have been with him since the start and don’t have the thought process about me in that way! He added that they never fail to point out his unique ability and that he does not have to do much hard work to be grounded!

The 45-year-old focused British actor described how the parenthood had a positive impact on his life in 2015 in an interview with the Daily Mail. For a long period of time, I expected my parents to be a certain particular thing, but you get to know the importance of the process when you have your own kids, and then you realize the things they underwent over a period of time to nurture you!

You develop the learning to act in a different manner and interpret different occasions in a much better way. You develop a much more detailed understanding of the process and what all they did for you and experienced for you, Cumberbatch said. It is really a wonderful thing.

Hal Auden and Benedict Cumberbatch

The romantic couple was blessed with their second child, Hal Auden Cumberbatch, on 3rd March 2017. Hal is 5 years of age as of 2023. The ex-Sherlock celebrity and his life partner opened up about their plans to have a second child when they appeared on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2016. He answered that it is said it takes a village for one, but mostly a city for two with his great sense of humor. He replied that he and his supporting significant were truly prepared to welcome their second child and shared the news with great excitement!


 What medical condition does Benedict have?

  • Benedict has a rare hereditary condition termed as heterochromia iridis, which means that he has eyes with two unique tones.

What is the full name of Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is his full name, born on 19th July 1976 in London, In the United Kingdom.

What is the relationship status of Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • He is married to an English theatre and show director Sophie Hunter.

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