Genevieve Mecher Age, Photos, Sibling| Jen Psaki net worth

Genevieve Mecher Age, Photos, Sibling| Jen Psaki net worth

Genevieve Mecher is much famous as the celebrity kid of Jen Psaki, who serves as the CNN correspondent and justifies the post of Vice President for Strategy and Communication in the United States. Jen provided the services of White House Press Secretary in the tenure of the 34th President. Genevieve Mecher is fortunate to be born to a mother who has attained success in her life.

The people witnessed her, and she got noticed in the media when her mother shared the image of herself with her family on social media. Genevieve Mecher is a celebrity kid, and the details about her are not yet sourced. Her parents have achieved success in keeping her away from the limelight. She is brought up with pure love and compassion.

Who is Genevieve Mecher?

She is a pretty and cute 7-year-old kid who has the fortune of being born to a celebrity mom Jen Psaki. The kid has spent most of her time in the United States since she was born as a white ethnicity kid. She is an American national. She rose to fame the very moment she was born to Jen Psaki, and her future was secured and bright. Her birth sign is unknown as her birthdate is yet to be sourced. She must be enrolled in a local primary high school for her primary studies, but the exact details about her schooling are not provided by her parents.

Genevieve Mecher Family

She was born to her parents, Jen and Gregory Mecher. She has a sibling as well. She has an enclosed family that includes her paternal and maternal grandparents. Jen is the daughter of James R. Psaki and Eileen D. Medley. Jen, the mother of celebrity kid Genevieve Mecher, enrolled in the Greenwich High School and completed her graduation in the 1992 batch. She completed her college studies and received an honors degree from William & Mary College in Virginia and also pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Literature.

Her father Gregory has also pursued a bachelor’s degree in TV production and communication from the University of Northern Kentucky. His parents first met in a primary school situated in Cincinnati. Her mother is a professional psychologist, and his father is an investor, and it is not a surprise that his parents are involved with real estate!

Genevieve Mecher Photos

Genevieve Mecher Photos

Genevieve Mecher Father

Gregory Mecher was a student representative in the Board of Regents during his graduation and got an opportunity to intern with Ken Lucas, which was the rising moment for his political career. He provided the services as the United States Representative of Kentucky in Congress. He served as the former chief of staff to Steve Driehaus, a renowned Congressman. He was also chief of staff to Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts in addition to Steve Driehaus of Ohio.

Genevieve Mecher Mother

Jennifer Psaki, the mother of the celebrity kid Genevieve Mecher, is serving as the 34th White House Press Secretary. She is a profound counsel in American politics. She provided her services as the White House Press Secretary in the Obama administration in 2009, as chief of White House interchanges in the period from 2009-11, agent for the State Department of the United States in the period from 2013-15, and the chief of White House correspondence from 2015-16.

She was in association with CNN to support specific candidates in the time frame of 2017-20. She started her political career after securing the re-election of Tom Harkins to the United States Senate and Tom Vilsack at the position of United States Agricultural Secretary in 2001. Further, she was allotted the work of the press secretary of John Kerry’s election campaign in 2004. In the period from 2005-06, she offered her services as chief staff and press secretary of Joseph Crowley’s campaign in the Democratic Congress Committee.

Jennifer Psaki Net Worth (jen psaki)

As per the sources, she is estimated to have a net worth of $ 2 million. She is assumed to earn an annual worth of $183,000 for her services as the vice president of communication and strategy. She has an annual income of around $76k to $237k each year. She receives an average amount of $74k for every episode as a CNN contributor.

Genevieve Mecher Siblings

Jen Psaki shares a romantic relationship with her husband Gregory and finally tied their knots in May 2010. The couple exchanged their vows at a private wedding held at Ridge’s Woodlawn Farm. The Mecher couple had a wonderful life after marriage and were blessed with their first child, Genevieve Mecher. They have another child in addition to Genevieve, and both of them spend a lovely time together. Her brother Mathew came into the world on 23rd April 2019. Jen, the mother of these two innocent children, has been successful in refraining from social media and believes in letting them enjoy their childhood privately.

Final Words

Genevieve Mecher is fortunate to spend a lavish lifestyle as a celebrity kid of many famous and wealthy parents. She stays in Virginia alongside her parents and sibling brother Mathew. Her parents do not want her to be in the limelight and have refrained her from appearing on social media.