Delphi Murders Cause of Death|Murder mystery of Liberty & Abigail

Delphi Murders Cause of Death|Murder mystery of Liberty and Abigail

The dead bodies of Liberty German and Abigail Williams were discovered on 14th February 2017 nearby Monon High Bridge Trail, a part of much famous Delphi Historic Trails located in Delphi, Indiana, in the United States. The dead bodies were found the next day after the young girls were discovered missing near the trail. The murder case has been in the news and received significant attention because of an audio-video recording captured from a German smartphone, which is suspected of the murderer. Further, on 28th October 2022, as per the reports, Richard Allen was alleged of killing the young girls and appeared in court.

How did the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams happen?

The young girl Liberty German, 14 years old, and Abigail Williams, 13 years old, were dropped off by their German sister, Kelsi German, at around 1.35 pm on 13th February 2017, on County Road 300 North, situated to the east of Hoosier Heartland Highway. The girls were off on a hiking trip on the famous Monon high bridge in Delphi Trails. The 14-year-old Libby posted a picture of Abby walking down the bridge at 2.07 pm, and after that, they were not found back. They were reported missing at 5.30 pm by Liberty’s father after they failed to meet him at 3.15 pm.

The family of the young girls tried hard to search for them before they reached out to the police. The authorities quickly looked out the entire area and did not foul any illicit activity in the initial stage. To their surprise, the next day, they found the young girls’ dead bodies at noon about half a km to the east of the Monon High Bridge. The officials discovered the bodies on the banks of Deer Creek.

How did the Investigation occur?

The details of the murder of the young girls were not made public. The following day, on 15th February 2017, the officials circulated a sketch of a probable suspect who was speculated on the abandoned Monon High Bridge Trail. The drawing appears to be of a Caucasian male with his hands in his pockets walking on the bridge with his head down toward the young girls.

Later, the individual in the circulated picture was declared the prime suspect in the brutal homicide. The audio was recovered from German’s phone, and she was considered a hero for having the presence of mind to record the incident. The different pieces of evidence were not shared with the media, which may lead to compromise in the future trial. The authorities had offered a reward of $41,000 by that time.

Upon investigation, a new prime suspect was unveiled who was supposed to be in the age group of 18-40, and the extended audio recording was also shared in the media. Kline, who was in contact with German with a fake profile account named anthony_shots, was traced down by the officials. He was involved in a child exploitation case but was not on the list of suspects for the Delphi murder. He denied being any near to the killings of the young girls and is on trial for alleged child pornography.

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The recent news reveals that an individual, Richard Allen, 50, is taken into custody with his connection in the Delphi murder case. German’s sister Kelsi tweeted that she would not comment anything as of now, and further details will be shared in the press conference to be held on Monday at 10am. She said that nothing was obviously still at this particular time.

The community mourns at Monon High Bridge after the arrest in Delhpi Murder Case

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