How do Colors Determine the Business Potential of your Websites?

How do Colors Determine the Business Potential of your Websites?

Colors play a vital role in determining the saleability and business potential of your e-commerce site. There are a variety of colors you can use on e-commerce sites and each color has a different impact on the psychology of visitors. By strategically using the right colors you can easily and positively influence their psychology to convert random visitors into paying shoppers. In that capability you can use colors to enhance the outcome of your ecommerce website. Here are some different colors and their effect on consumer psychology

Primary Color

 Primary color are Blue, red, and yellow. As the name suggests these colors have constituted all the rest of the color presented in the palette.

Secondary Color

 By the definition of primary color it is easy to infer that the colors they form are called secondary colors and the set includes green, purple, and orange. In short when we mix any two primary color the resultant new color can be called secondary color.

  • Red mixed with blue = purple
  • Blue mixed with yellow = green
  • Red mixed with yellow = orange

Tertiary colors

Tertiary color might be a new term for many people. These are the color that are generally created by mixing two colors in different proportions, i.e., 70:30 or 80:20. Unlike Blue-green, yellow, etc. the tertiary color is two-termed colors which can be called red-orange, red-purple, etc.


You might have noticed that red is widely used in many websites. Red is a strong and bold color that has powerful physical connotations. It is associated with intense feelings like survival, terror, fear but also with love and affection. It can be used in opposite contexts like expressing aggression or even as a symbol of strength and friendliness. In short, it is associated with intense feelings/expressions- regardless of the context.


 Orange is formed by combining yellow and red. We already mentioned Th red is associated with strength and power. Yellow on the other hand is associated with light-heartedness and friendly context. When both colors Aare mixed the resultant orange color represents comfort at the physical level, satisfaction, shelter, and warmth. In that capability orange also tempts one to eat more.

 Positivity, inspiration, freedom, and enthusiasm are other character tics associated with orange color. That is one reason why orange is the color you can easily find in sporting events and board games. What’s more even nature has chosen orange color for many fruits.


Yellow is another color that e-commerce websites use a lot- especially for Call to Action elements and portions. Optimism is the major feeling associated with yellow. It is also used to reflect related feelings like happiness, charm, and joy. You might not have experimented before but if you try, you would see that yellow is the color that instantly stimulates the emotions of infants and newborn babies.

 However, it has also been found that too much use of yellow can affect self-esteem or make one feel anxious or scared. So, it is best to sparingly use the color in combination with other colors instead of using it as a standalone shade.

 This is the color that you will find most on the smiling faces and traffic crossings.


 Green represents harmony and inspires a balanced view of things. It is also the color that perfectly combines emotional and logical strengths. If you would look around nature Green is certainly the most abundant color you would find- trees, grass, many vegetables, and other natural things are green. At the same time, it is the color of wealth and that’s why it is used to represent financial products- is it currency notes of many countries to the brand colors of financial companies. In short, we can say that Green is the color of prosperity, abundance, peace, and balance.

 Some people may argue that green may also represent the traits like materialism but this color is more proximate to the positive factors.

 Along with health produces. Services, green is the color you would find in restaurants, economic exchanges, and of course the nature. e


 Blue is a soothing color associated with responsibility, trust, and reliability. Blue color mentally activates the person while also de-stressing them. It is associated with the ideal contexts and that is why Blue is also the color that is used by the corporate sector. This is the color you would find at health centers, gyms, spas, and corporate offices.


 Purple is also related to spirituality and imagination and you can easily sense keen unexpressed energy into it. This is the strength of red which is soothed by the stability of the blue color. Along with magic and mystery the blue color also represents courage, luxury, and loyalty.

 You can easily find purple colon in fairy tales, fancy objects, magic shows, and luxury items.


 Pink has a visibly soft nature and it invokes the feeling of compassion and soothing love (as opposed to intense affection characterized by red). Besides pink is also associated with innocence and childishness. So, it is advisable t use pink to calm down the impact of more intense colors like blue, black, and red but too much of pink may not be the right choice for the brands associated with products that need maturity like investment, higher education, or B2B products/services.


Different colors have different effects on viewers. Vast research has been done on how colors affect consumer psychology. By tactically using the colors you can drive your visitors to buy your products. In this blog, we mentioned in detail different colors and their respective effect on consumer psychology


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