Chris Moyer Murder Story, Reason Behind Murder

Chris Moyer Murder Story, Reason Behind Murder

Chris Moyer’s family murder was a horrifying incident that happened in 2011. Christopher Moyer who hails from Warrington, Pennsylvania, murdered his family and then took his life by allowing a running train to pass through him.

He informed the police officials about killing his entire family, and then left his home and was found dead. He committed suicide after murdering his family. It was too late for the police officials to discover Chris Moyer by the time they reached his place.

The officials found his dead body beside the SEPTA tracks in Hatboro after searching for him for nearly 3 hours. He slept on a rail track awaiting the train that would take his life in an instant. To date, the close ones and his mates are still wondering why he performed such an atrocious activity in his life!

How did Chris Moyer murder his family members?

Christopher Moyer murdered his wife Irina Moyer, and his don Dillon Moyer, and thereafter took his own life. He killed his family members by hitting them brutally with a baseball bat while they were asleep.

The officials discovered the dead bodies of his family members, his 7-year-old kid in a bedroom, and his 39-year-old wife in the bathroom, neighboring his master bedroom, upon investigation.

Investigation by Police Officials

Chris Moyer himself called the police and informed them about his atrocious act of killing his wife and son before he went to take his life. The investigation started as soon as they got informed.

The police officials from Warrick, Warrington, and Warminster surrounded Chris Moyer’s house situated in the 100 block of Redstone Drive.

Law enforcement refrained from entering the residence immediately as they were uncertain whether the caller was still present. Upon arrival, they discovered the suspected murderer along with two deceased victims inside.

They found the baseball bat filled with blood next to his son, and there was no sign of resistance, so the officials reported that the family members were asleep while Chris attacked them and took their lives.

After searching for Chris Moyer, his body was discovered near a railway track that fell into pieces with $1300 and was reported dead committing suicide. The police officials were heartfelt to state that 44-year-old Chris Moyer took the lives of his family with a baseball bat and killed himself on a Friday night.

As per the reports, he allegedly positioned himself in front of a train with the intent to end his life. Police stated that the man contacted 911 at around 9:40 p.m., informing the operator that he had found his wife and son deceased due to blunt trauma. When asked by the operator if he was behind this brutal act, he reportedly answered affirmatively.

The operator noticed the kind tone of the caller and also the fact that he replied with thank you in the conversation. Montgomery County police were informed about a dead body discovered near the railway track in Hatboro at around 1.00 am I the morning. The vehicle of the 911 caller was found nearby.

The investigators found a typed note with the contact information of the relatives’ names in the house. There were speculations of Chris killing the family about his monetary issues. It was the only cause appearing to the investigating officers behind the brutal killing.

The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office announced that due to the absence of a defendant, no further investigation would be conducted into the double murder-suicide incident that took place on Redstone Drive in Warrington on Friday night.

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