The Mystery Opium Bird Exist – Real or Fake?

The Mystery Opium Bird - Real or Fake?

The opium bird mystery is a viral meme that is recently trending on social media where an imaginary creepy creature resembling the body structure of a human-like bird with having long beak and dark eyes is seen scaring people. In this article, we will discover the reality behind the meme.

Opium Bird Truth

The opium bird does not exist in reality. It is a fictional creature created by a TikToker using Artificial Intelligence who claimed that the creature existed in Antarctica. People across the globe were horrified and intrigued by this creepy creature, the opium bird that got into the limelight as a meme on social media.

However, the opium bird is fake and there is no evidence of any such creature existing in this world. The bird was named opium from the pipe-like object that the bird carried along in certain videos, creating the speculations of the pipe being used for smoking opium by several people.

Opium Bird Viral Meme

The Opium bird Meme was brought into action by a TikToker @drevfx, who generated this creature appearing like a human-like bird with having long beak and black eyes using his amazing skills in artificial intelligence. The 1st video was posted by @drevfx on 12th September 2023, which featured a creepy creature claiming its existence in real life in Antarctica.

The opium bird meme quickly spread across TikTok and various other social media platforms, captivating and unnerving users with its mysterious allure. It was renamed as erosion bird, calm luh fit bird, and 2027 bird, by several people. The opium bird is fake and just an imaginary creature generation as a product of imagination with the skills of artificial intelligence.

How did the TikTok user generate opium bird?

The TikTok user @drevfx created the opium bird using a smart tool called Artbreeder. The tool is fantastic allowing the users to generate and edit the photos using AI. The tool uses an advanced technique named generative adversarial networks that consists of two neural networks that carry an internal competition to produce extremely realistic images.

Users have the option to select from a range of categories including animals, landscapes, portraits, and more. They can then fine-tune various parameters such as style, color, and contrast to craft their own unique images. Additionally, users can experiment with mixing and blending different images to generate entirely new compositions.

The Mystery Opium Bird Exist - Real or Fake?

This brought birds into existence as a combination of birds and humans with customized modifications using the tool. Further, the user @drevfx enhanced it with special effects and captions making the videos really mysterious and viral.

Final Words

The Opium Bird trend has ignited a flurry of memes, jokes, and debates among TikTok users, with opinions ranging from finding the birds creepy to considering them majestic or cute. This trend serves as a prime example of how AI can fuel creative and artistic endeavors, showcasing the potential of social media in disseminating and amplifying viral phenomena. For further insight into the Bird trend, you can explore the viral video.

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