Chita Rivera Story and Some Facts

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Chita Rivera is a famous American actor, dancer, and singer who passed away at the age of 91 years today i.e. 30 January 2024. Chita Rivera’s cause of death was long-term illness.

Chita Rivera age

Chita Rivera was born in the year 1933 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States which indicates that Chita Rivera age was 91 years old. Her daughter, Lisa Mordente has been informed about her demise. Chita Rivera died on Tuesday, peacefully after fighting with a long-term illness.

Chita Rivera did her graduation from William Howard Taft High School in 1951.

Chita was a times Tony Award winner as she was cast as Anita in the Broadway production of West Side Story Chita was known for her iconic roles, such as Rose, Alvarez, and Bring Back Birdie. She also acted in the seven episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show. She made her career in films. She acted in a number of films as well as TV shows. Chita was recognized for her phenomenal acting skills. She won many awards like the Lifetime Achievement Award in theatre.

Chita Rivera was a very hard-working lady who was known as an all-rounder. She was so perfectionist in her performances. She was trained in classical ballet before she joined the musical stage. Chita Rivera’s career was at its peak and she was busy in her dancing and acting life when one day she met with a major accident. It was the year 1986 when Chita Rivera had to give up her career for almost one year. While she was returning from her work, her car was hit by a taxi near Manhattan.

Due to this incident, her left leg was shattered in pieces. It is said that her leg had 12 broken injuries. After that she was taken to the hospital where doctors performed surgeries to G connect her joints and bones. After that accident and her rehabilitation, she said that she wouldn’t be able to dance again. For many people and her fans, it was disheartening.

She thought that she would never be able to perform ballet again. Due to her determination, she performed again after one and a half years, but she used to face a lot of problems in stretching and full-fledged performance. But she continued her acting and singing career at the age of 72. She had a voice that melted every heart.

Chita Rivera net worth

Chita Rivera net worth is estimated to be $2 million – $3 million. She had been earning from her shows as an actor, and also her performances as a dancer and singer.

5 facts about Chita Rivera

  1. Chita was a self-made woman, she learned to sing and act by herself.
  2. She went to the School of American Ballet
  3. Chita met a car accident in the year 1986 in which her leg was broken at 12 points
  4. Chita is the mother-in-law of actor Donnie Kehr, who married her daughter Lisa Mordente but after some time they got divorced.
  5. In the year 2009 Chita Rivera also got an award as Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Chita Rivera Family

  • Lisa Mordente is the name of the daughter of Chita
  • Tony Mordente is Ex-husband of Chita
  • Pedro Julio Figueroa is the name of Chita Rivera’s father
  • Katherine Anderson del Rivero is the mother of Chita

Cheetah Rivera has an amazing journey and her fans admire her for giving motivation from her story.

Cheetah Rivera will be in the hearts of millions of Americans forever. She definitely would be remembered as the most versatile actor, dancer, and singer. She has contributed her whole life to the entertainment industry. She will be remembered as one of the pillars of the American entertainment industry, her work, her films, her TV shows, etc would remain evergreen. She ruled the hearts of people and she will continue to be in the hearts of many.

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