Blue Whale bitten In Half South Africa 2021

Blue Whale bitten In Half 2021

What is a Blue Whale?

Blue whales scientifically named Balaenoptera musculus are the biggest living mammals to be living on the Earth. They are about 100 feet long and weigh more than 200 tons. The tongue of a blue whale alone weighs more than an elephant. They are Carnivorous in nature feeding on the tiny creatures called krill. They may consume up to 4 tons of krill in a single day.

They appear real blue in color underwater but actually, their appearance is a bit of grayish blue on the surface of the water. The head of the blue whale is flat and broad with a long tapered body that ends on a wider note. They are found in all of the worlds’ oceans, excluding the Arctic. They can communicate and hear the other whale almost 1000 miles away.

The blue whales are also among the most lived mammals on the Earth. The record of the oldest whale is 100 years with an average life period of 80-90 years. Blue whales are not found to be able to protect themselves from predators hence having a fear of falling victim to shark attacks, other killer whales, and also from the impact of the huge ships.

The top three largest whales living on the planet are:

  1. Blue Whale – 98 feet long / 200 tons.
  2. Fin Whale – 90 feet long / 72 tons.
  3. Sperm Whale – 67 feet long / 55 tons.

What is a White Shark?

The white shark scientifically named Carcharodon carcharias the biggest fish on the Earth. They are rare to see and are about 15-20 feet long and weigh more than 2.5 tons and are considered to be the biggest aquatic predator. They can travel at speed of 15miles/hr. and have an extraordinary smelling sense of detecting prey.

They feed on sea birds, sea lions, mollusks, seals, orcas, and other sharks as well. They are also seen feeding on the dead whales. The humans are not on the feeding list of the white sharks and it is observed that almost 30% of the shark attacks are by great white sharks.

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How did the Blue Whale end up on the shore?

  • A blue whale bit in half turned up on the coast in South Africa.
  • The news of the Blue Whale being bitten In half in South Africa in 2021 went viral on social media sites, Tik Tok, etc. creating havoc in the minds of the people to see the condition of the biggest mammal bitten in half.
  • This incident gained popularity all over the World. This type of incident also took place years ago.
  • The intense research on the incident showed the great white shark to be the reason behind the attack.
  • The speculations were also made of the blue whale being hit/collided by a huge boat or being eaten by a pair of orcas.
  • It was yet not confirmed whether it was the illness of the blue whale that allowed the great white shark to feed on them with such intensity.
  • The type of vigorous attack made the incident Blue Whale Bitten In Half 2021 incident go viral.
  • In context to the incident, the father and son duo spotted a white shark in Maui, which made the incident more popular.
  • The witness by this duo and confirmation by the international researchers about the bite of white sharks on the blue whale provides a solution to the question of Blue Whale Bitten In Half South Africa 2021.
  • The father-son duo was traveling on their kayak when they were attacked by the great white shark and they somehow managed to escape from the brutal shark attack.
  • The signs of attack on their kayak have been confirmed by the scientists.
  • The incident became popular due to the rare sight of white sharks and the huge blue whale bitten in such conditions.

Final Verdict

The incident of the Blue Whale Bitten in Half South Africa 2021 is going viral by the inquisitiveness of the people Worldwide to know more regarding the incident. There is still a doubt about the bite mark being of a great white shark or some other creature unknown in the aquatic world.

More information will be available from the research as the doubt still pertains in the minds of people Worldwide about the Blue Whale Bitten in Half South Africa 2021.

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