Have you ever thought about packing your suitcases, ordering tickets and going wherever your eyes can see in search of New Year’s adventures? If not yet, you should seriously consider this question, because what could be better than to get to an unexplored and breathtaking place in some distant country.

Tourist guides before the New Year offer a lot of attractive tours and this opportunity is worth it, because only in this way you can get an unforgettable and impressive experience and at the same time afford a holiday at the proper level. In this publication, we will reveal all the best New Year Eve destinations and detail the advantages and disadvantages of specific destinations. Keep reading to learn more. 

  1.       SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA) 

It is a must if you come to Sydney for the first time to visit the Opera House “Australia”, where you can see incredible performances and immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas. Why is this particular city on the list of the best New Year destinations? You can’t resist shopping at The Rocks Markets, where you’ll find hundreds of stores and stalls selling Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, costumes, authentic and brand name clothing and exotic fruits.

And what to say about the incredible grandeur and beauty of Park Century, where you can find many interesting and bizarre species of plants and even trees with bright purple leaves or just feed the ducks in the pond.

In addition, you can visit the many festivals that often take place in the city, such as the Writer’s Festival, “Twilight in Taronga” or even the festival “Chinese New Year”. But if you want to feel the adrenaline in your blood, it is worth the budget car rental and go on a tour of the Blue Mountains, where you can ride the cable car, hiking, camping and meet many interesting animals.


The city has a variety of interesting places to explore, particularly an unforgettable shopping experience in one of the major shopping centers such as the Canal Walk Shopping Center or the «Golden Acre Shopping Center ”, he eyes are sure to be drawn to the new and unexplored.

Definitely check out the deals on car rental and head to «The Cape Wheel”, which is the best amusement park in the region and where you can take a ride on a huge Ferris wheel or experience the extreme experience of visiting «Table Mountain Aerial Cable» way with its high-altitude cable car tours.

Locals recommend finding an ad for cheapest car rental and taking a steam train ride from «Atlantic Rail», if not here, where can you feel the spirit of history and have an unforgettable experience? Well, what would Africa be without its impressive national nature parks like the World of Birds or Intaka Island.


There’s plenty to see and do in Detroit, which is one of the best New Year destinations in the USA, with casinos such as Greek town and Motor City providing plenty of opportunities to blow big bucks in the wind. You can get a cheap car rental and finally visit the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater or the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, because that’s how you can feel the spirit of New Year’s Eve miracles. And then there’s the actual Masonic Temple. It’s worth celebrating New Year’s Eve to the chimes at Detroit Central Station, which is considered one of the largest in the country. 

  1.       MILAN (ITALY)

Milan is a wonderful city and the main place where you can feel this spirit of Christmas is Milan, which is striking in its elegance and grandeur, and in the square next to it always brings a towering Christmas tree for the holidays, and in the temple there are songs of the Christmas choir.

This city should definitely be included in the list of incredible New Year vacation destinations, because it is a true paradise for fans of shopping. For example, here you will find many stores with incredibly delicious ice cream, in particular, you can enjoy them in Gelateria Le Colonne or Bar Luce. But this is the city where you can have an impeccable shopping experience and eat your fill of delicious Italian cuisine.


In Helsinki, the first place you should go is to such large shopping centers like Itis Shopping Complex or Forum Shopping Center, because there you can find many interesting things, as well as have a great time with children in a kind of «residence of Santa Claus».  It is also worth using the car rental near me, because it will help to visit attractions such as the Esplanade Park and the Old Covered Market, where you can buy a lot of interesting authentic things.


This list of cities in the world for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration is only a recommendation, but in any case, these cities will leave only pleasant impressions during the trip.  Each place is different in its own way, but we recommend you to visit each of them.

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