Misconceptions About Female Travel To Saudi Arabia

Misconceptions About Female Travel To Saudi Arabia

The traveling of women to Saudi Arabia is subject to lots of controversies. Most people think the country is backward regarding women’s independence. Therefore, traveling to this land as a solo female traveler will not be safe. However, it is only a misconception in real terms. 

Are you still fearful of visiting Saudi? Here are the details to eliminate all the myths you have heard for so long. 

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Women Are Safe In Saudi

Saudi Arabia is not a different zone of the world. It also allows smooth travels of females, either in groups or solo. However, to this date, the misconception about dangers for females is lying in many minds. This piece will undoubtedly suggest that you have all the freedom to enjoy the incredible scenic beauty of Arabia. Taste the lives of Bedouins and the famous delicacies to give a new shade to your vacation. 

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Women can be enthusiastic and passionate about dune bashing or scuba diving. So, just like men, she can also have all the fun while traversing the desertic lands of Arabia. Indulge in the marvelous leisure activities as you take a safe ride to Saudi. 

Not only this, you can post awe-inspiring photos and videos on your Instagram accounts. So, try the local dresses and cuisines and lose yourself in a world of Saudi adventures. 

The Misconceptions To Bother You

Although I am saying that Saudi Arabia is completely safe for females, many of you will frown. So, here is a list of some of the misconceptions that you may have. 

  • A female will always need a Guardian

It is absolutely wrong. A girl can travel to Saudi as easily as in any other country. It does not make any difference even if Saudi is a Muslim nation. Having a “Guardian” is only a cultural aspect. It does not have any connection with the law of the land. Of course, for the Saudi cops, this is a bizarre situation. It is not their fault as they are not used to watching a woman traveling alone. 

Therefore, you may sometimes face issues where Saudi police can take your independence as an excuse. However, no one can stop you from touring the country if you have all the legal documents ready. 

  • Burqa is Mandatory

Burqa is Mandatory

Image Resource: unsplash.com

Camping, hiking, or climbing will not require a full coverage like a burqa. Usually, the females wear an abaya here. However, it is not mandatory for all. The climate will, however, not let you wear shorts in this place, except on the exotic beaches. Yes, you heard that right, girls! Make sure you carry bikinis for a fun tour of the Saudi beaches. Give some extra bucks, and you have easy access to the beach. Moreover, you can wear this while on a boat ride. 

  • A Woman cannot Hang Out with Unknown Men

Often, people believe that a woman has certain restrictions while traveling in different places in Saudi. One of such limitations is hanging out with unrelated males. However, this is also a myth, as a woman can freely mingle and be excited while hanging out with male friends. You can explore different restaurants, tourist spots, and beautiful landscapes with unrelated locals. 

  • A Solo Female Traveler Is Not Safe In Arab

In Saudi Arabia, women are seen as Queens. Hence, they consider the females to be under constant protection. It is their way of showing respect to the girls. Every native will be busy serving you to impress you through their incredible hospitality. However, please be cautious that you do not eat too much. 

Most Arabians tend to feed too many delicacies accompanied by camel milk. For the later type of milk, you have to be sure. You may not like it or have some issues after having camel milk. So, avoidance will be the best policy. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above description has already removed all your fears about visiting Saudi Arabia. Now, you should be confident to spend gala time with your friends or solo. A female does not need any extra person to enjoy the vacation. 

Just ensure that you are following all the laws. You are free to do anything you want in Saudi Arabia. 

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