Bathroom Renovation in the UK: Cost-effective Ideas & Advice to Take Into Account

Realistic Bathroom Interior Design
Realistic bathroom interior design with lighting, brown furniture, dark washbasin and tub, glossy floor 3d vector illustration

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, then you’ll know that it can be quite an expensive process. But you can update your bathroom without breaking the bank by doing some very easy and straightforward things.

Because bathrooms add the most value to a home and are one of the most important rooms to upgrade, remodeling one on a tight budget can significantly increase the value of your house. We have compiled six of our top suggestions for bathroom renovation in the UK on a budget using our expert knowledge.

1. Try To Keep The Layout the Same

The best piece of advice for saving money on your bathroom renovation is to keep the current layout. When you decide to relocate a shower, toilet, sink, or bathtub, your renovation will become more expensive. Why? Well, altering the layout will require you to arrange for new waterproofing, plumbing services, and surface tiling, all of which can add up pretty quickly.

Realistic Bathroom Interior Design
Realistic bathroom interior design with lighting, brown furniture, dark washbasin and tub, glossy floor, 3d vector illustration

You can immediately save a ton of money and time if you stick with the same layout! Without the expense of tearing down walls, retiling, or new waterproofing, this had a significant impact.

2. Plan Beforehand

Any home renovation project must have a sound plan and budget in place. It not only provides you and your labourers with a framework to work within, but it also helps you better understand the project’s overall cost.

Bathroom Remodeling Planing - Nationwide Bathrooms
Young smiling couple renovating and remodeling their new apartment, the man is painting the walls with a roller and the woman is connecting with a laptop

Although unexpected events can cause some projects to exceed their budgets, if you have a budget in place, you can easily track all the costs, even if some areas do. Without a plan in place, it is simple to overspend on purchases and fail to recognise the full cost of the project.

3. Go For Tile Re-Painting

When it comes to your bathroom, tiles are a necessity, and their colour, texture, and pattern will significantly affect the room’s overall aesthetic. Don’t buy and install new tiles if you want to change your tiles but don’t want to deal with the hassle or expense. Re-paint rather than retile. Re-paint your current tiled surface to reduce the cost of labour as well as the cost of new tiles. By far, this is the most affordable method of getting new tiles without actually purchasing new ones.

Bathtub in a bathroom with laminate flooring and ceramic tiled wall, a loft style apartment
A bathtub in a bathroom with laminate flooring and ceramic tiled wall, a loft style apartment

If you still want new tiles, you can go for engineered wood or flooring sticks. Both of these options have visual appeal and cost a lot less than the high-end tiles.

4. Shop Savvy for the Best Deals

Even the large high street DIY retailers like B&Q and Homebase are amenable to price negotiations, so ask for a discount when you’re in the store. Additionally, spending some time online looking for the best offers can help you save money. You can also save money by purchasing supplies during seasonal sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day, when prices are at their lowest. You can also shop for bathroom supplies online on Nationwide Bathrooms, where they offer the lowest prices all year round. Have a lookout for clearance sales to get an extra discount.

5. Go green

Installing greener, water-saving technologies will help to make your home more efficient by saving water and money for a prolonged period if you want to continue saving after having your bathroom renovated.

Go green Bathroom - Nationwide Bathrooms

With low-flow showerheads, toilets, and sinks, you can make long-term water, financial, and environmental savings. Additionally, it might raise your EPC rating, which buyers do consider when considering a property purchase.

6. Replace Your Fixtures And Fittings

Without having to spend money on structural changes, updating your fixtures and fittings is a great way to change the aesthetic of your bathroom. Any fixtures and fittings that are attached to a plaster wall can be moved with ease when you change them. Simply cover the hole with a patch, and then position a new fixture. When adding towel rails, hooks, or holders, this is a fantastic choice.

There are some amazing budget-friendly taps, such as gorgeous low-cost shower fittings and mixer taps available, that are both stylish and surprisingly affordable. You can also buy the whole combo and save a bit more on the deal.

7. Keep the style simple

Keep to a simple style and look that will be easier to install to help reduce the cost of a bathroom renovation in the UK by saving on labour and material costs. Consider a standard toilet instead of a wall-hung toilet, which will be much less expensive to buy and install, even though they might look amazing.

You may think you’d adore a wet room, but one needs waterproofing beneath the tiles and a wet flooring system to allow water to drain properly. Installing a flush shower tray can produce a wetroom effect more affordably. A straightforward shower screen will give the appearance of a walk-in shower while also being a useful option.

8. Paint The Room

A fresh coat of paint can improve a room’s appearance and radiance. This will make a significant difference if you want to help improve the appearance of your bathroom but are unable to update the entire space at once.

Painting the walls will help the room’s potential to shine through by removing wear and tear and scuffs. To create an aesthetic look and give the bathroom a high-end feel, you can even paint the space to match the tiles.


It is not necessary to spend a small fortune on a bathroom remodel. There’s no denying that some improvements, like a fully tiled walk-in shower or increasing the master bathroom’s square footage, can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you can transform your bathroom into an opulent retreat on a much smaller budget with careful planning and a little imagination.

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