Alissa Turney Story, 2023 Case Update, Siblings, Mother, Father

Alissa Turney Story, 2023 Case Update, Siblings, Mother, Father

Alissa Turney, a 17-year-old girl, vanished from Phoenix, Arizona on May 17, 2001, and her whereabouts remain unknown, leading to the presumption of her death. Her disappearance has garnered national attention, featuring prominently in podcasts, documentaries, and social media. Advocating tirelessly for justice for Alissa and tirelessly spreading awareness about her case is her half-sister, Sarah Turney.

Alissa Turney Case Update 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Michael Turney, Alissa’s stepfather, faced charges of second-degree murder in connection with her disappearance and stood trial in July 2023. The trial spanned two weeks and included testimonies from Sarah Turney, detectives, witnesses, and experts. The prosecution contended that Michael Turney possessed the motive, opportunity, and means to harm Alissa, asserting that he manipulated evidence to conceal his alleged crime. In contrast, the defense argued that there was no concrete physical evidence supporting Alissa’s death or Michael Turney’s involvement and portrayed him as a caring and loving father to Alissa.

The verdict left many, particularly those who closely followed the case, shocked and devastated. Sarah Turney expressed a sense of betrayal by the justice system and maintained her belief in Michael Turney’s responsibility for Alissa’s fate. She hopes for his confession or the emergence of new evidence while pledging to persist in her fight for justice and to preserve Alissa’s memory.

Michael Turner Netflix documentary 

Despite no official documentary on Alissa Turney’s case available on Netflix, various other sources have covered her story and the investigation into her disappearance and presumed murder.

Alissa Turney mother, Barbara Strahm, passed away from cancer when Alissa was just eight years old. Following her mother’s death, Alissa and her older half-sister, Sarah, resided with their stepfather, Michael Turney, in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael legally adopted Alissa and raised her as his own daughter.

Michael Turney Siblings

Alissa Turney had a total of six siblings, including an older biological brother, three older step-siblings from Michael Turney’s previous relationship, and a younger maternal half-sister, Sarah Turney, born after Barbara’s marriage to Michael. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Alissa and her siblings experienced life within a blended family. By the time Alissa reached 17 years old, all of her older siblings had moved out of the household, leaving her and Sarah as the remaining occupants under Michael’s care.

Alissa Turney’s biological father was Steven Strahm, who had no involvement in her life and maintained no contact with her. He tragically passed away in 2003 due to a drug overdose. Her stepfather, Michael Turney, married Barbara when Alissa was three years old, adopting her and assuming the role of her father. Michael also had four children from a previous relationship and a biological daughter with Barbara, Sarah Turney.

Where is Michael Turney Now

Michael Turney, Alissa Turney stepfather, was arrested in 2020 and charged with second-degree murder in connection with her 2001 disappearance. However, in 2023, he was acquitted of all charges after a judge dismissed the case due to a lack of concrete physical evidence. His current whereabouts remain unknown following his release from jail.

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