Sofia the Baddie Dog Video Viral-Sofiathebaddie

Sofia the Baddie Dog Video Viral-Sofiathebaddie

In this article, we will share the details about the latest trending Sofia The Baddie Dog Viral Video on Twitter and her attitude towards her dog.

Are you aware of Sofia The Baddie?

The video of Sofia the Baddie and her dog is trending on the internet and has gone viral on various social media platforms. People from the United States and across the globe are searching for Sofia The Baddie after they watched her video on different social media platforms. The majority of the people are inquisitive to know what was exactly in the video and have curiosity for the answer.

If you are willing to know the same, then you are in the correct place. In this article, we will share with you all the relevant information about Sofia The Baddie Dog Video 2 Angle.

Why is Sofia The Baddie Dog in the limelight?

In recent times, a woman called Sofia shared a video on her TikTok account with her black dog. The video was shot from two different angles where they are seen doing some uncommon activities. As the video was shot from two different angles, the footage clearly depicted everything that happened to them.

The video got viral on the internet as soon as it got flashed on the TikTok user’s account, and they did not fail to share it instantly on different social media platforms. The video of Sofia and her was trending on social media and went viral on Twitter and TikTok in no time.

People across the globe were feeling disgusted after watching the creepy video with her dog and she got criticized for her inhuman activity with her dog. Further, people commented that her video made them nauseous with her inhuman activity with her dog.

What was the outcome after the sofiathebaddie Dog Video got viral on Reddit?

As the video got viral on Twitter and TikTok, it started to get searched on Reddit even, and her video got multiple reactions. She was criticized for her animal abuse behavior and faced a lot of humiliation and allegations from animal lovers. Moreover, the controversy started when Sofia denied that she was not in the video despite the video being posted from her personal TikTok handle and even some people agreed to her statement.

Final Words

The viral Sofiathebaddie Dog video that is trending on the internet was recorded from 2 different angles clearly showing the explicit content to the users, but it clearly seems that the girl in the video is not Sofia. Is this a gimmick by Sofia to post such explicit videos and go viral on the internet?


  • Who is Sofia The Baddie?

Sofia, famous as Sofiathebaddie on social media platforms is a TikTok user having more than 3000 followers.

  • Was it a scam or a viral video on the internet?

Most people have agreed that Sofia is not the girl that happened to be in the video.

  • Is the video still available to view on her TikTok account?

The TikTok platform does not allow explicit content to be published and the video is being taken down from her TikTok account.

  • Are all videos of Sofia The Baddie with her dog still present on Reddit and Twitter?

The majority of the videos have been taken down as per the guidelines of the social media platforms.

  • Is the viral video of SofiatheBaddie with her dog available for access?

It is not possible to access directly but it is still on the internet through some illegal sources where you can view it.

  • Are there any charges levied on Sofia for her inhuman behavior with her dog?

No, Sofia is not alleged as she is not the girl in the video.

  • Was the sofiathebaddie dog video an intentional scam to get viral?

People across the globe think that it was merely a publicity stunt to get viral on Reddit and other social media platforms.

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