8 Essentials for Succeeding in the AZ 204 Exam

8 Essentials for Succeeding in the AZ 204 Exam

Developing scalable solutions from concept and design to development, implementation, and support is the emphasis of the AZ-204 certification: Devising Solutions for Microsoft Azure. But guess what the most necessary aspects are? Performance optimization and resource monitoring. These two are the big priorities if you intend to obtain the AZ 204 exam.

This test covers every stage of creating the resource, whether you use C# or another language of your choice. However, you must know Microsoft is more likely to use C#. The test calls for proficiency with Azure SDKs, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI and the capacity to program in a language supported by Azure. Not to state the obvious but preparation is a must for Azure certifications.

What Does the AZ 204 Credential Teach You?

This accreditation has different aims and purposes. You understand how to:

  • Develop computing capabilities for Azure, such as how to put IaaS into practice. In addition, make web apps for Azure, and put Azure functions into practice.
  • Create Azure storage: incorporating user identification and authorization and implementing secure cloud storage.
  • Azure solution monitoring, optimization, and troubleshooting.
  • Utilize and establish connections to Azure and other external services. 

The Prerequisites

At least 1-2 years of expertise with Microsoft Azure is a must if you wish to take this test. In-depth understanding and subject matter expertise in designing, developing, testing, and managing cloud applications, delivery, performance optimization, and monitoring will be provided for ardent developers ready to construct Azure apps from the ground up.

To have an advantage while pursuing the Microsoft online courses, candidates must be acquainted with the.NET architecture and the C# language. But you might not know that you need to acknowledge Azure SDKs, PowerShell, CLI, authorization, and debugging. 

Mock Examinations Can Save You a Lot

But it’s not that complicated, either. The fact that there isn’t any negative marking on the AZ-204 examination is one factor that goes in your favor. Generally, in Microsoft online courses, you should attempt every question rather than skip the ones you are unsure of to achieve the highest score. 

  • The test consists of 40 to 60 problems from each category listed before.
  • It has a time limit of 150 minutes. To obtain the certificate, you must pass this intermediate-level test with a score of at least 70%.

Those not well-acquainted with this may anticipate sequencing, case studies, drag-and-drop, command-line, and MCQ.

You can obtain a good understanding by taking several practice examinations, even if you can’t predict which questions will be on the exam.

Practice Managing Azure Resources with C# and CLI SDKs

Ask any Microsoft-certified professional, and they’ll all advise you to practice. One of the most critical aspects of the preparation process is resource management. However, most students prefer to overlook this action.

  • Avoid doing this, as there are several questions on sustaining and establishing Azure systems in the examination.
  • This exam section will be more accessible for you to complete if you take more time to master the methods.
  • Although it may seem odd, you don’t need to be an expert in CLI.
  • Just become familiar with the sources listed in the test requirements list. This ought to be sufficient to put you ahead of your peer competition. 

Think About When Various Resources Will Be Utilized

Most of the exam’s more practical sections include questions on which Azure resource is best to employ in each circumstance.

Regular use of these tools will make it simpler for you to respond to these inquiries. But it would be beneficial if you also read about subjects you still need to become an expert in. Additionally, consider and comprehend their uses and the situations in which they will be superior to other resources. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Experience is excellent, but how can you convince future employers and coworkers of your abilities and expertise? Certification is the answer.

Microsoft certification is based on responsibilities that are established by the industry and the skills required to fill those roles.

The AZ 204 building Microsoft solutions certification’s goal is to certify candidates as subject matter specialists in Azure development so they can collaborate with cloud computing, cloud administrators, and cloud security and provide clients with solutions. 

Browse All Available Microsoft Exam Materials

Microsoft certifications can be an excellent investment for your career.

Success doesn’t come easily; therefore, you must make a strategy, which you may achieve by taking a road toward certification. You can memorize some resources, but even glancing at each area will be highly beneficial.

These resources will provide several small pieces of information that will enable you to distinguish between the help you should use for diverse applications. As you take the exam, this might also assist you in removing alternatives.

Keep Your Composure

It is again a part of the strategy. You might feel the pressure of going through a lot of material, but with the right direction, you may focus on the most essential subjects by limiting your study topics. Take any Microsoft certification training before it to get a first-hand experience of such exposure. 


The AZ 204 certification, in contrast to other Microsoft certification courses, which are focused on managing the Azure system, is primarily concerned with creating and organizing solutions to assist developers and integrate Azure services in both old and contemporary applications. Therefore, you should be familiar with the most popular modules for a comparable language, whether the app is created in Python, Java, C#, or any other similar language allowed by the Microsoft SDK.

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