XXXTentacion Bodycam Footage, Cause of Death, Age, Obituary

XXXTentacion Bodycam Footage, Cause of Death, Age, Obituary

XXXTentacion was brutally killed six years back. He tragically passed away in a pre-planned robbery execution that took place outside a Florida business in the United States. Following his killing, a mobile video that captured the shooting incident’s aftermath started circulating online.

In recent times, bodycam footage taken by an officer present at the scene has gone viral after it got leaked on the internet. The video does not have any adult content, but it depicts the quick response of the police to the shooting event.

The law enforcement officer is seen interacting with the witnesses in the leaked clip. It is surprising that the footage taken several years back surfaced online, but is a definite reminder for the fans to recall the late rapper. Since the video was uploaded online, it has been viewed by thousands of people who are curious to know further about the incident.

XXXTentacion Age, Net Worth, Songs 2023

XXXTentacion, a popular American rapper, singer, and song composer, came into the world on 23rd January 1998 and was just 20 years of age when he was brutally killed in a planned robbery in Florida. XXXTentacion net worth is estimated to be around $5 million from his musical career, record sales, online streaming, and live concerts.

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Among his most renowned tracks are “Look at Me,” “Sad!,” “Jocelyn Flores,” “Moonlight,” and “Changes.” Recognized as a controversial figure, he garnered attention for both his legal issues and his eclectic musical style, fusing elements of emo, trap, indie rock, nu-metal, hip hop, and punk rock. He is widely regarded as a trailblazer in the emo rap and SoundCloud rap genres.

XXXTentacion Cause of Death

XXXTentacion left Riva Motorsports Motorcycle and Marine Superstore located in Florida, in the United States, where he was stopped at the exit point in the parking by a black Dodge Journey SUV at around 3:56 pm on 18th June 2018. The attack was a pre-planned robbery as the two masked men from the black car came to XXXTentacion, who was in his driver’s seat.

XXXTentacion Murder

The armed criminals engaged in a brief conflict with Onfroy’s car before they got inside the rapper’s car and fired at him multiple times before stealing away his Louis Vuitton bag having $50,000. The attackers fled from the crime scene in the black SUV. The people nearby took the video of XXXTentacion’s body for gaining limelight on social media, rather than helping the rapper in his tough time. The murder of XXXTentacion shook the entire entertainment industry.

Later, he was taken to the Broward Health North hospital by a team of paramedics, where he was declared dead. The Broward County Sheriff’s office announced him dead at 5.30pm. Following XXXTentacion’s death, his autopsy photos were posted on Twitter, shocking both the music industry and his dedicated fan base.

XXXTentacion Murderers Arrest

Dedrick Williams was apprehended and arrested by the Broward County prison just two days after the shooting incident. He was accused of 1st-degree murder of the popular rapper XXXTentacion. In the subsequent weeks, Michael Boatwright, identified as the triggerman, and Robert Allen, his accomplice, were both apprehended and charged with premeditated first-degree murder. Trayvon Newsome was arrested and charged with premeditated first-degree murder in August 2018.

Allen provided the testimony against his fellow killers on 12th August 2022 and pleaded guilty to a lesser-charged 2nd-degree murder. The trial started on 7th February 2023, and the remaining three murderers were proven guilty.

XXXTentacion Obitaury, Legacy

XXXTentacion’s funeral services were held at BB&T Centre in Florida, United States, where the people who crossed paths with the famous rapper offered their condolences in an open casket ceremony held on 27th June 2018. The popular music artists like Lil Yachty, Erykah Badu, and more gave their presence at his private funeral on 28th June 2018. He was rested in a mausoleum at the Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park in Florida.

XXXTentacion Obituary

The impact XXXTentacion had on his young fans and his widespread acclaim throughout his career left “a significant musical legacy.” On June 18, 2019, exactly one year after XXXTentacion’s death, an official documentary on his life was announced.

The documentary involved Onfroy’s footage of April 2017 revealing his biographical details. The movie “Look at Me” announced on 2nd February 2022, was about to make its premiere on 26th May 2022, on Hulu. He also got featured in the list of top-20 all-time best-selling music artists in the category of digital singles.

XXXTentacion’s last post that he shared on his Instagram handle prior to his killing holds the record for the 11th most-liked Instagram post of all time achieving great love from his fans with 32.5 million likes.

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