Falicia Blakely Wiki, Son, Net Worth, Age | Is Falicia still alive?

Who is Falicia Blakely? How did Falicia Blakely get caught?

Falicia Blakely is an internet sensation, media face, criminal, and dancer who hails from Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States. The reports state that she was involved in the murder of 3 men when she was just 19. Currently, she is in prison for her brutal acts serving a life sentence in Arrendale State Prison.

She gained attention by virtue of a movie filmed on her life under the name of ‘When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. The film portrays every particular incident of her life tenure. As the movie’s name suggests, the reports confirm that she was behind the killing of 3 men only for her lover Michael Berry. Further, the officials did not achieve success in proving him guilty, and he escaped from being imprisoned for prompting her love Falicia Blakely to kill those people.

Falicia Blakely Wikipedia, Age, Early Life, Education

Falicia Blakely came into the world between the years 1983-87 in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States. The New York Times reported that she was 19 in 2002 when she faced arrest. Taking this into consideration, she is 39 years old as of 2022. On the contrary, some other internet sources state that she is just 34 years of age.

With no exact information about her birthday, we consider her age to range from 34-39 years in 2022. She shifted to Atlanta when she was 16-17 years of age. She got enrolled in a reputed high school after completing her primary education. She then dropped out of high school to earn money for her living.

Falicia Blakely Parents

Her journey as a child was not ordinary like her other mates. She was a victim of abuse and grew up in a poor family. She did not receive love and affection from her parents, which made her step onto the negative path. Reports state that her father had a drug addiction and got into jail multiple times with his addiction.

Moreover, her mother had attention to other men and showed no love for her daughter. She has refrained from love and compassion from her parents. She is a single child and does not have any siblings. The identity of her parents is not yet sourced. She was not at terms with her relatives and was unable to share her feelings with them.

She is a firm believer in Christianity and follows Christian culture. She has mixed ethnicity and is an American national born in the United States.

Falicia Blakely Husband, Relationship, Affairs

Falicia Blakely was far away from the love of her parents as they were on the wrong path to ruin their lives. Further, she was a victim of a fake relationship as she came into contact with Michael Berry. There was a 14-15 years age difference between the two, and Michael was a drug addict and spent a lot of time behind bars with his addiction and bad habits.

Falicia Blakely Husband, Relationship, Affairs

Michael gave her the love which she was deprived of by her parents. She received a promising lifestyle, good apparel, and all the love she deserved from Michael. Blakely was blinded as she received such affection for the first time and was willing to do anything for Michael.

Falicia Blakely Son | Where is her son/kids?

Falicia gave birth to her son/kids at a very young age while she faced cheating in her relationship. She is the mother of a baby boy, and she calls him ‘Man’ with love. The actual name of her kid is not sourced. Further, Michael did not step back from his responsibility to raise his son/kids and get him good clothes and healthy food. Her son may be around 20-22 years of age in recent times.

Falicia Blakely Height, Weight, Physical Appearance

Falicia Blakely stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 58kg. She has body measurements of 34-28-36 inches. She has a piercing on her ears and short hair. She has black eyes, and her hair color is black. She has no tattoos on her body, and her shoe size is 6 US.

Falicia Blakely Career

Blakely was tired of her miserable upbringing by her parents and got separated from them and started to live alone. She started to work at different places after she dropped out of high school. Finally, she started to work as a bar dancer and earned good money.

She got into the controversy as she created a fake identity of her being 24 years old when she was just in her teenage. She worked hard in the bar to sustain a livelihood for herself and her son. Later, she got on the wrong path and started robbery and did not hesitate to kill people. She was instigated by her boyfriend Michael to kill people to earn good money.

The movie depicting the life story of Falicia Blakley – When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story

YouTube video

The movie is loved by people who are interested in the thriller genre movies that involve real-life events. Niatia ‘Lil Mama’ portrayed the character of Falicia in the movie. The famous celebrity actor Lance Gross portrayed the character of Michael Berry.

The film got into the theatres on September 4, 2017, and was premiered on the popular channel TV One. The movie gained much love and was a blockbuster. The roles were intensely portrayed by the actors. The movie showed every particular incident in the life of Falicia and Michael.

The Real Story, Murder Case & Imprisonment of Falicia Blakely

A fantastic bar dancer stepped on the wrong path and killed 3 men. As per the reports, she was alleged of robbery of 2 men, Raymond and Claudell, in August 2020. Later, she killed them alongside Ameshia Ervin. She started to lead an everyday life even after the murder of 3 men. The reports suggest that Michael called up Falicia multiple times to kill them.

Further, she was up with plans to rob some other people in addition to luxury restaurants. The plans did not work in her favor, as she got arrested by the officials in the restroom of a dining restaurant. Finally, she was handed a life sentence and is serving her imprisonment in Arrendale State Prison. Moreover, her instigator Michael Berry was not arrested as the court was not having definite shreds of evidence against him.

Falicia Blakely Net Worth

She used to stay in a rented place alongside her son and her boyfriend. She worked really hard to fulfill her lifestyle before moving onto the wrong path to accomplish her need for a lavish lifestyle. She then started to rob people and did not hesitate to kill them for money. She earned huge money from her robbery and her profession as a bar dancer. She is supposed to have an estimated net worth of around $150-250k. She has an expensive car collection as well.

Facts to discover about Falicia Blakley

  • She used to work as a bar dancer in reputed bars and clubs.
  • She started to rob expensive restaurants and businesses persons.
  • She had an addiction to drinking and smoking.
  • Her crime partner Ameshia Ervin was convicted and received a life sentence and will face parole in 2024.
  • She does not have any social media accounts. People have made fake accounts to use her popularity.
  • She always preferred to have short hair.
  • The personal details and other information about the current livelihood of her son are unknown.

FAQS about Falicia Blakely

  1. Who is Falicia Blakely?

  • She is an American internet personality, media face, bar dancer, and murderer.
  1. What is the net worth of Falicia Blakely?

  • She has a net worth of around $150-250k.
  1. Where is Falicia Blakely now?

  • She is currently serving her life sentence in Arrendale State Prison.
  1. Is Falicia Blakely still alive?

  • Yes, she is behind bars and serving imprisonment for killing 3 men and robbing many men and restaurants.
  1. Who is the boyfriend of Falicia Blakely?

  • Michael Berry, famous as Dino, is the boyfriend of Blakley.

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