What happened to N3on Streamer? Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity

What happened to N3on? Age, Net Worth, Career, Height, Twitter

Rangesh Mutama popularly known as N3on is a well-known gaming YouTuber. He gained much limelight with his NBA 2k gameplays, and 1v1s, and amassed his followers with his entertaining commentary. N3on started his journey on YouTube in May 2016 and has more than 480k subscribers and is loved by his gaming community.

N3on is a popular NBA 2k gamer who has Indian ethnicity. He has a great fan following pertaining to his frequent engagement with his fans during his live streaming on YouNow. He is amongst the top NBA 2k gamers on YouTube and stands as a fan favorite. In this article, we will share information on what exactly happened to N3on.

What happened to N3on? 

YouTube video

A video shook the internet as it went viral where it can be clearly seen that a group of strangers attacked and bothered him publically. There are 3 people in the video who intentionally took N3on’s phone, shoes, and glasses without his consent. His shirt also got ripped off during the act.

The video was released on N3on Twitter official account creating doubt in people’s minds if it is legit or not? People are wondering if the streamer himself set up the entire act and filmed himself or if there is another possibility of the video being released by the attackers. Nevertheless, people are worried about the safety of popular gaming YouTuber N3on and he is the talk of the town as of now.

It is crucial to keep in mind that he has faced difficulties in the past, and this recent incident has further raised concerns about both his well-being and the circumstances surrounding the film. As the situation unfolds and additional details emerge, it might become clearer what exactly happened to him.

N3on Career, Age, Net Worth

N3on, whose real name is Rangesh Mutama, is a well-known American YouTube star and streamer, specializing in NBA 2K and Fortnite games. As of 2023, various sources estimate N3on net worth to be approximately $5 million. Born on August 13, 2004, in the United States, Neon has Indian ancestry. He launched his YouTube channel in May 2016 and has amassed an impressive following, with over 478K subscribers as of July 2023.

N3on Kick, Height, Dad, Twitter, Twitch, Controversy

In June 2023, He faced significant repercussions when he was kicked from the 2Hype gaming group. The reason behind his removal was allegations of scamming his fans and being unfaithful to his girlfriend. Despite denying these accusations, Rangesh asserted that he felt betrayed by his former friends.

As for N3on’s physical attributes, N3on height is estimated to be around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), based on various photos and videos.

His dad is a successful businessman who owns a chain of hotels in both India and the United States. While his dad’s name remains undisclosed to the public, he has expressed that his father is highly supportive of his career pursuits.

On social media, he can be found on Twitter with the handle @N3onYT, boasting an impressive follower count of over 1.2 million as of July 2023. He frequently shares updates about his gaming endeavors, personal life, and opinions on diverse subjects.  Additionally, his Twitch account boasts more than 154K followers.

A significant part of his notoriety comes from his contentious relationship with TikTok star Ali C Lopez, who commands a massive following of over 20 million users. The two engaged in a heated argument during a livestream hosted by Adin Ross, Naomi Ross’s brother in May 2023, during which they exchanged insults and threats. The ensuing drama quickly went viral, eliciting reactions from fans and fellow influencers alike. Later, he expressed regret for his behavior and admitted feeling provoked by Ali C Lopez.

N3on Andrew Tate Controversy

YouTube video

Recently, there has been a feud between two internet personalities, N3on and Andrew Tate. N3on is a young streamer who entertains his audience by playing NBA 2K and Fortnite games on Kick, a popular live-streaming platform. On the other hand, Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion and a controversial commentator who is currently under house arrest in Romania.

The conflict began when he participated in a live stream hosted by Adin Ross, a well-known streamer and a friend of N3on. Andrew Tate was also present during the stream and attempted to assert authority over Adin Ross, which irked N3on. This led him to lash out at Andrew Tate, mocking him for being on house arrest and having a bald head. In response, Andrew Tate made fun of N3on’s appearance and clothing.

The argument between the two escalated and spread like wildfire on social media. Fans and influencers weighed in, with some supporting him for standing up to Andrew Tate, while others criticized him for his perceived disrespect and immaturity. Andrew Tate even issued him a challenge, proposing a boxing match in Romania, which he completely declined.

A few days later, a video surfaced on Twitter showing N3on being attacked and humiliated by a group of masked men. They stripped him of his shirt, shoes, glasses, and phone, and forced him to say derogatory words. The video was posted on N3on’s official Twitter account, leading to suspicions that it might have been staged or hacked.

In response to the video, Andrew Tate made a sarcastic video of his own. He offered to train him and help him cope with the situation, claiming he felt sorry for him and was willing to teach him self-defense. He also emphasized that he had no involvement in the attack and did not support violence.

The feud between N3on and Andrew Tate continues to draw attention from their followers and the online community, with both sides holding their ground in this ongoing dispute.

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