What are the qualities to look for in a makeup artist?

What are the qualities to look for in a makeup artist?

There are several qualities you should look for in a makeup artist. These qualities include attention to detail, versatility, dependability, and adaptability. Keep reading to learn more about the skills and qualities to look for.

Attention to detail

A good makeup artist must be very detail-oriented and have excellent time management skills. A good makeup artist will also be friendly and professional, ensuring that the client has a stress-free makeup experience.

A good makeup artist will listen to the needs of their clients. They will be working with them for several hours, so good communication and interpersonal skills are essential. They will have to work closely with the client to create their vision for them. 

Good communication and collaboration skills are crucial in maintaining long-term relationships with clients. They must be patient when answering questions from clients.As hygiene is a critical factor, a makeup artist must adhere to strict hygiene standards. In today’s post-COVID world, hygiene has become a high priority. Makeup artists should adhere to the highest hygiene standards when applying makeup, such as using a mask and sanitiser. 


It is essential to be flexible as a makeup artist, as clients may not always be willing to compromise on their preferred looks. A good artist should be ready to accommodate the client’s wishes while still being able to critically think about the best way to achieve the desired look. In addition to being flexible, an artist should be patient and able to work under stressful circumstances.

Another essential quality to look for in a makeup artist is their willingness to work with people. Makeup artists work closely with clients to create the perfect vision for their clients. It means they need to listen and communicate effectively. Good customer service is also an essential skill for makeup artists as it ensures a long-term relationship with clients. Good customer service will lead to a higher number of clients through referrals.


When looking for a makeup artist, reliability is an essential trait. A reliable makeup artist builds client confidence and word-of-mouth business. Their portfolios should show various skills, including the ability to create different looks with a single application. A reliable makeup artist also can listen, as sometimes the client is unsure of what they want. A good listener will be able to help the client make a decision based on their needs.


People with adaptability can adjust to changes without letting them affect their productivity. They see problems as opportunities and are not cynical. They are open to different ideas and are prone to reinventing the wheel at the moment. Adaptability also requires the individual to be curious and not shy away from asking the “why?” question. Adaptability also requires one to examine problems and solutions from many angles.

Being adaptable is an essential quality to look for in a makeup art student. It is not an inherent trait but a learned trait. Our brain is built to stick with patterns, so we must retrain it to deal with unfamiliar situations. Inflexibility, bluntness, and disgruntlement are not positive qualities. These characteristics can be disastrous in a crisis.

Time management

A good makeup artist must have excellent time management skills. The ability to manage time effectively is critical to any successful career. Being organised will ensure that you finish your work on time, stay focused during meetings, and have space to be proactive and creative. Developing good time management skills starts with planning and organisation. Staying organised is key to maintaining a clear picture of tasks. It can be as simple as keeping a calendar up-to-date, having a neat environment, and taking detailed notes. Time management is all about assessing responsibilities and prioritising tasks. There are many ways to prioritise a task, including first focusing on the most time-sensitive tasks.

Dalia Ataalla is an award winning Makeup Artist in Sydney who can manage their time well and will be able to complete tasks within their designated schedule. An efficient makeup artist will be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without stressing out their clients. Furthermore, a good time manager will have excellent communication skills, allowing you to create long-term relationships with your customers. And customer service is just as important as the technique. It is a critical aspect of success in the makeup industry and is just as important as technique.