Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Did you recognize that an organization needs over one form of cleaning to be properly sanitized? And does one know what the prevailing ones are and their specifications? Altogether, there are five categories of cleaning: one-sided cleaning; daily professional; furniture; from contaminated surfaces and locations. Below we are going to explain all of them.

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One-sided cleaning 

When it involves cleaning, in general, what people are searching for is the removal of microorganisms and dirt. For this purpose, consider unilateral cleaning, which consists of cleaning the cleanest to the dirtiest part, which avoids contaminating spaces that don’t accumulate the maximum waste.

Every cleaning procedure requires specific equipment, whether instruments to hold out the activity itself or private protection. In this case, it’s no different. However, to be well equipped, it’s necessary to follow precise and proper movements to get an excellent, more straightforward cleaning and protect the body from possible injuries. Manual activities must be straight, always having one direction, from top to bottom, back to front, always avoiding back and forth motions.

Daily professional cleaning

As already explicit within the name, this can be the procedure that has to be performed each day to keep the environment harmonized. This activity sanitizes the places and organizes the spaces, replenishes necessary items, and removes daily garbage.

Since daily cleaning is one of the foremost vital procedures to preserve a company’s daily well-being, the tendency is for it to be a recurrent activity. Its importance, especially in times of pandemic, is related to the cleaning and disinfection of immense spaces, rooms, closed spaces, doorknobs, etc., where there’s frequent contact with different people and a more significant accumulation of microorganisms.

Furniture cleaning 

Did you recognize that it’s necessary to use specific products to wash furniture, which this sort of cleaning includes other items, like electronic devices? As they’re sensitive items, they require special handling, aiming at correct maintenance and cleaning.

The cleaning of furniture must be applied in the same way as unilateral cleaning, that is, avoiding further contamination of areas that aren’t so dirty. Therefore, valuing cleaning ranging from top to bottom and back to front is the correct choice.

Surface cleaning

Surfaces are nothing over floors, ceilings, walls, windows, and other flat areas, like windows. This sort of cleaning requires more detailed and rigorous procedures, as these areas are the primary parts to be repaired when entering a location. Therefore, it’s essential to decide on the proper products and clean precisely to get an environment that’s not only clean but attractive.

Cleaning contaminated environments 

In contaminated environments, cleaning must be even more diligent and thorough. During this scenario, the protection of individuals who clean the space must be even more excellent and more practical. Therefore, the products, additionally to being specific, cannot contact other materials and general cleaning products. After the tip of the activity, waste, cloths, and flannels must be separated and identified or sent to the particular garbage.

Cleaning the condominium is essential to keep up the well-being of residents, visitors, and everybody else who transmits the positioning. However, this is often not as simple a matter as many of us think, as there are several varieties of cleaning, each with a selected purpose and characteristics.

Failing to require all the required precautions within the condominium environments can generate stress, discomfort, and constant headaches for the owners and administrators. After reading this text, you may find out how to avoid these problems!

Here you’ll find the cleaning modalities that can’t be lacking in any residential establishment. At the tip, we explain how a well-structured cleaning itinerary can leave the place immaculate. Follow up!

General cleaning

This form of cleaning is the most comprehensive because it includes cleaning and washing areas in everyday use that have an oversized flow of individuals. Sites should be cleaned daily or weekly, counting on the dust accumulated within the environment. Some environments that fit this subject are:

  • entrance hall;
  • runners;
  • elevators;
  • ballrooms;
  • gyms;
  • garage;
  • Saunas, among others.
  • Conservation

The act of conservation aims to keep the environment looking and smelling more pleasant. With this cleaning, residents, visitors, and other passersby will feel lighter and relaxed when entering the atmosphere. A bit like the previous one, this sort of cleaning will be done each day. Some examples are:

  • garbage collection;
  • Watering and treatment of gardens.


Maintenance consists of keeping certain places, which were previously objects of general cleaning, always clean. It are often performed frequently or occasionally. For example, we can mention the daily sweeping of the doorway, while the cleaning of gutters can only be done when dirt accumulates.

This category also includes acts that preserve the health and safety of the unit owners because the maintenance of everyday use facilities like the pool is additionally meted out. try an inventory of the most maintenance acts and, therefore, the recommended frequency to perform all of them:

  • fumigation twice a year;
  • cleaning the cistern, also twice a year;
  • cleaning of gutters, whenever there’s heavy rain;
  • cleaning the facade a minimum of once every five years;
  • building inspection once a year;
  • pool filtration daily;
  • pool chlorine control, every two days;
  • pH control of water twice per week.

Condominium cleaning script

It is noticed that the various cleanings have different time intervals, and it’s of great importance that they’re followed.

Excessive cleaning leads to wasted material and time, as delays generate an accumulation of dirt and might damage or, within the case of maintenance, even cause severe damage to the health of residents.

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