Top tips for purchasing Hi Vis vests online

Top tips for purchasing Hi Vis vests online

If you want to buy Hi Vis vests for your employees, here are a few tips to remember: The ANSI 107 high visibility standard is the most important thing to look for, and the different types of hi vis vests available on the market. In addition, you should also look for a balanced design so that your vest will be visible from the front and the back. After all, you don’t want drivers to miss you in the dark!

Ensure that you get a quality product and look for a reputable company

To ensure buying a quality product, look for a reputable company that meets the ANSI 107 standard. This organization is responsible for creating high-visibility apparel standards. If you’re unsure which standards to look for, you can use this website to find information about each garment’s safety features. For example, if you’re working around orange construction barrels, you’ll want to make sure the vest you’re wearing stands out from your surroundings. If the surrounding colours are similar to your workplace, a red-and-yellow combination may be too distracting.

To ensure that your hi-vis garments meet the ANSI 107 high visibility standard, look for the ANSI 107 high visibility standard. Look for the logo or ANSI 107 on the back of the garment, and make sure to check the ANSI 107 high visibility standard for the fabric used. The ANSI 107 standard requires a high visibility fabric that is fluorescent.

Choose a colour that complies with the standard

To find high-quality hi-vis garments online, make sure you read the ANSI 107 high visibility standard and choose a colour that complies with the standard. When purchasing a hi-vis vest online, check that the material contains a minimum of two materials: the background material and the retroreflective material. Fluorescent coloured fabric is highly visible during the day. On the other hand, Retroreflective material has a reflective striping and is less expensive than the former.

Understand classifications of hi-vis vests

Hi-visibility vests, or safety clothing, make workers more visible to distracted drivers. Depending on the situation, there are different classes of hi-vis clothing. To choose the proper vest for the right job, you need to understand these classifications. Here are some tips for identifying your workplace’s requirements. Classifications of hi-vis vests:

Class 1: Hi-vis vests are for jobs in low-risk, low-impact environments. For example, street workers, roadside workers, and parking attendants. Class 2 vests are for workers exposed to high-traffic areas but have less reflective materials. They’re for emergency personnel who deal with road hazards. Class 2: Reflective material is the most popular and effective type of safety vest. Reflective material bounces light back, so it’s visible at night.


If you consider purchasing new hi vis vests, the fit is essential. To ensure a proper fit, follow a few basic guidelines. Hi Vis Vests by Uniform Me are available in various colours, and it’s essential to choose the right one according to your work. Hi-vis vests in different colours are equally helpful when working in hazardous areas.

When purchasing hi-vis vests online, ensure the size is proper. If you’re wearing a safety vest in a highly dim environment, you should look for one with reflective strips to make you visible at night. Failure to see clearly in dangerous conditions can lead to devastating accidents. Fitting is vital and can be complicated, but don’t worry. There are many important factors to consider. Remember to follow the minimum safety standards when purchasing a high-visibility vest.

Check the care instructions

Before washing your Hi-Vis vest, it is essential to check the care instructions. Some garments may require air drying or a cool tumble. In such cases, you should follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for washing. If your vest is designed for repeated washing, you should consider using a gentle detergent. Always avoid bleach and check the label for safe, bright-colour-safe stain removers.

When it comes to high-vis garments, washing them is essential to maintain their performance. Avoid bleaching as it can damage the reflective strips and make them less effective. Always use a gentle detergent to wash your hi-Vis vests to avoid fading. Washing them too frequently will damage their reflective properties, decreasing their visibility and effectiveness.